Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the judges?

All our judges volunteer their time and experience. They include current and past sports editors of national newspapers and websites, journalists working in sport in all forms of the media, including broadcasters, photographers and other professionals with a track record in sport.

How are the judges for the writing categories decided on?

The chairman of the sports writing judges allocates up to two categories to each judge, based on who he believes is best suited to those categories, while ensuring that nobody judges a category in which their publication is entered. No two people currently working for the same media organisation can be on the same judging panel. None of the sports writing judges know who else is judging their categories.

How does the voting work?

There are five or six judges judging each category. They rank the entries in order from one to six. The entries that make the shortlists are those with the most points accumulated, the ultimate winner being the entry with the most votes.

Are the judges’ names made public?

Yes. The names of the complete panel will be made public prior to the awards presentation, in the menu programme and on the SJA website.

What about the photography awards?

The photo entries are viewed by a panel of independent experts at a judging venue, entries are discussed and the shortlists prepared from the hidden votes of the judges present.


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