The SJA Academy: Designed for the sports journalists of tomorrow

The SJA Academy is designed for anyone interested in a career in sports journalism.

If you’re aged 16 or over, and not employed in a journalism role, you can apply to join and it’s totally free of charge.

The SJA is committed to encouraging the next generation of sports media to take their next steps in this industry we love, offering support and advice from our members and prestige opportunities to showcase work.

And we hope the Academy members of today will become full members – and award-winners – of tomorrow.

Membership will give you access to occasional events with some of Britain’s leading sports journalists, providing unrivalled insight into industry trends and what it takes to succeed.

Whatever your interest in sports media – from photography to social media, broadcast to writing – get involved.

There are opportunities to contribute to the SJA website and an annual SJA Academy Journalist of the Year prize – part of the prestigious SJA British Sports Journalism Awards, the biggest night in British sports journalism.

It’s simple – and free – to join. Just click below and we’ll be in touch. If you require more information, email

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