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Past winners of the SJA British Sports Awards

Sportsmen of the Year

Sir Michael Parkinson, the SJA President, with two of the winners at the 2010 British Sports Awards, Colin Montgomerie (left), captain of the Team of the Year, Europe’s Ryder Cup-winners, and 15-time champion jockey, AP McCoy

1949. James Dear (Rackets), Reg Harris (Cycling), Johnny Leach (Table tennis), Freddie Mills (Boxing), Tommy Price (Speedway) (no outright winner).
1950. Reg Harris (Cycling)
Runners-up: Jack Holden (Athletics), Harry Llewellyn (Showjumping), John Parlett (Athletics), Geoff Duke (Motor cycling), Reg Parnell (Motor racing).
1951. Randolph Turpin (Boxing)
Runners-up: Reg Harris (Cycling), Roger Bannister (Athletics).
1952. Len Hutton (Cricket)
Runners-up: Jack Wardrop (Swimming), Manny Mercer (Horse Racing)
1953. Gordon Pirie (Athletics)
Runners-up: Alec Bedser (Cricket), Don Cockell (Boxing).
1954. Roger Bannister (Athletics)
Runners-up: Chris Chataway (Athletics), Don Cockell (Boxing).
1955. John Disley (Athletics)
Runners-up: Peter May (Cricket), Cliff Morgan (Rugby Union).
1956. Chris Brasher (Athletics)
Runners-up – Jim Laker (Cricket), Dick McTaggart (Boxing)
1957. Derek Ibbotson (Athletics)
Runners-up: Stirling Moss (Motor racing), Peter May (Cricket)
1958. Ian Black (Swimming)
Runners-up : Mike Hawthorn (Motor Racing), Arthur Rowe (Athletics)
1959. John Surtees (Motor cycling)
Runners-up: Donald Campbell (Powerboating), Ronnie Dawson (Rugby Union)
1960. Don Thompson (Athletics)
Runners-up: Peter Radford (Athletics), John Surtees (Motor cycling)
1961. Terry Downes (Boxing)
Runners-up: Johnny Haynes (Football), Stirling Moss (Motor racing)
1962. Brian Kilby (Athletics)
Runners-up: Brian Phelps (Diving), Graham Hill (Motor racing).
1963. Jim Clark (Motor racing)
Runners-up: Bobby McGregor (Swimming), Tommy Simpson (Cycling)
1964. Lynn Davies (Athletics)
Runners-up: Ken Matthews (Athletics), John Surtees (Motor racing)
1965. Tommy Simpson (Cycling)
Runners-up: Jim Clark (Motor racing), Mike Hailwood (Motor cycling)
1966. England World Cup XI
Runners- up: Lynn Davies (Athletics), Walter McGowran (Boxing).
1967. Mike Hailwood (Motor cycling)
Runners-up: Bobby McGregor (Swimming), Harvey Smith (Show jumping).
1968. David Hemery (Athletics)
Runners-up: Chris Finnegan (Boxing), Graham Hill (Motor racing)
1969. Tony Jacklin (Golf)

Runners-up: Jackie Stewart (Motor racing), Lester Piggott (Horse racing).
1970. Tony Jacklin (Golf)
Runners-up: Ian Stewart (Athletics), David Broome (Show jumping).
1971. Ken Buchanan (Boxing)
Runners-up: Jackie Stewart (Motor racing), David Bedford (Athletics).
1972. Richard Meade (Eventing)
Runners-up: David Hemery (Athletics), Hugh Porter (Cycling).
1973. Jackie Stewart (Motor racing)
Runners-up: Hugh Porter (Cycling), David Wilkie (Swimming)
1974. John Conteh (Boxing)
Runners-up: Brendan Foster (Athletics), Ian Thompson (Athletics).
1975. David Wilkie (Swimming)
Runners-up: Alan Pascoe (Athletics), Brendan Foster (Athletics).
1976. James Hunt (Motor racing)
Runners-up: John Curry (Ice skating), David Wilkie (Swimming).
1977. Barry Sheene (Motor cycling)
Runners-up: Steve Ovett (Athletics), Geoff Boycott (Cricket).
1978. Daley Thompson (Athletics)
Runners-up: Ian Botham (Cricket), Kevin Keegan (Football).
1979. Sebastian Coe (Athletics)
Runners-up: Ian Botham (Cricket), Kevin Keegan (Football).
1980. Sebastian Coe (Athletics)
Runners-up: Steve Ovett (Athletics), Robin Cousins (Ice skating).
1981. Sebastian Coe (Athletics)
Runners-up: Ian Botham (Cricket), Bob Champion (Horse racing)
1982. Daley Thompson (Athletics)
Runners-up: Steve Cram (Athletics), David Moorcroft (Athletics).
1983. Steve Cram (Athletics)
Runners-up: Daley Thompson (Athletics), Nick Faldo (Golf).
1984. Sebastian Coe (Athletics)
Runners-up: Daley Thompson (Athletics), Steve Davis (Snooker).
1985. Steve Cram (Athletics)
Runners-up: Barry McGuigan (Boxing), Sandy Lyle (Golf).

Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson and Joe Calzaghe

Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson presents Joe Calzaghe with his 2006 Sportsman of the Year award

1986. Lloyd Honeyghan (Boxing)
Runners-up: Nigel Mansell (Motor racing), Steve Cram (Athletics).
1987. Nick Faldo (Golf)
Runners-up: Ian Woosnam (Golf), Terry Marsh (Boxing).
1988. Sandy Lyle (Golf)
Runners-up: Adrian Moorhouse (Swimming), Malcolm Cooper (Shooting).
1989. Nick Faldo (Golf)
Runners-up: Steve Backley (Athletics), Linford Christie (Athletics).
1990. Nick Faldo (Golf)
Runners-up: Steve Backley (Athletics), Graham Gooch (Cricket).
1991. Kriss Akabusi (Athletics)
Runners-up: Graham Gooch (Cricket), Will Carling (Rugby Union).
1992. Linford Christie (Athletics)
Runners-up: Nigel Mansell (Motor racing), Nick Faldo (Golf).
1993. Linford Christie (Athletics)
Runners-up: Colin Jackson (Athletics), Nigel Mansell (Motor racing)
1994. Colin Jackson (Athletics)
Runners-up: Damon Hill (Motor racing), Linford Christie (Athletics)
1995. Jonathan Edwards (Athletics)
Runners-up: Frank Bruno (Boxing), Colin Montgomerie (Golf)
1996. Steve Redgrave (Rowing)
Runners-up: Damon Hill (Motor racing), Roger Black (Athletics)
1997. Greg Rusedski (Tennis)
Runners-up: Lennox Lewis (Boxing), Steve Redgrave (Rowing)
1998 (50th anniversary year). Iwan Thomas (Athletics)
Runners-up: Steve Redgrave (Rowing); Michael Owen (Football).
1999. Lennox Lewis (Boxing)
Runners-up: Steve Redgrave (Rowing), Carl Fogarty (Motor cycling)
2000. Steve Redgrave (Rowing)
Runners-up: Matthew Pinsent (Rowing), Dean Macey (Athletics)
2001. David Beckham (Football)
Runners-up: Jonathan Edwards (Athletics); Michael Owen (soccer)
2002. Lennox Lewis (Boxing)
Runners-up: Tony McCoy (Horse racing); Dwain Chambers (Athletics)
2003. Jonny Wilkinson (Rugby Union)
2004. Matthew Pinsent (Rowing)
Runners-up: Andrew Flintoff (Cricket); Bradley Wiggins (Cycling)
2005. Andrew Flintoff (Cricket)
Runners-up: Michael Vaughan (Cricket), Steven Gerrard (Football)
2006. Joe Calzaghe (Boxing)
Runners-up: Andrew Murray (Tennis), Ricky Hatton (Boxing)

2011’s SJA award winners with the Association’s chairman, Barry Newcombe (second from right). From left: taekwondo world champion Sarah Stevenson, cycling world champion Mark Cavendish and Ironman Triathlon world champion Chrissie Wellington

2007. Lewis Hamilton (Motor racing)
Runners-up: Joe Calzaghe and Ricky Hatton (both Boxing)
2008. Chris Hoy (Cycling)
Runners-up: Lewis Hamilton (Motor racing) and Ben Ainslie (Sailing)
2009. Jenson Button (Motor racing)
Runners-up: Andrew Strauss (Cricket) and Phillips Idowu (Athletics)
2010. AP McCoy (Horse racing)
Runners-up: Graeme McDowell (Golf) and Graeme Swann (Cricket)
2011. Mark Cavendish (Cycling)
Runners-up: Mo Farah (Athletics) and Rory McIlroy (Golf)
2012. Bradley Wiggins (Cycling)
Runners-up: Mo Farah (Athletics) and Andy Murray (Tennis)
2013. Andy Murray (Tennis)
Runners-up: Mo Farah (Athletics) and Chris Froome (Cycling)

Sportswomen of the Year

1959. Mary Bignal (Athletics)
Runners-up: Christine Truman (Tennis), Anita Lonsbrough (Swimming).
1960. Anita Lonsbrough (Swimming)
Runners-up: Beryl Burton (Cycling), Natalie Steward (Swimming).
1961. Angela Mortimer (Tennis)
Runners-up: Elizabeth Ferris (Diving), Pat Smythe (Show jumping).

Jessica Ennis, world and European heptathlon champion, and the SJA’s Sportswoman in 2009, 2010 and London Olympic year 2012

1962. Anita Lonsbrough (Swimming)
Runners-up: Dorothy Hyman (Athletics), Linda Ludgrove (Swimming).
1963. Dorothy Hyman (Athletics)
Runners-up: Stella Mitchell (Swimming), Beryl Burton (Cycling).
1964. Mary Bignal-Rand (Athletics)
Runners-up: Ann Packer (Athletics), Dorothy Hyman (Athletics).
1965. Marion Coakes (Show jumping)
Runners-up: Diane Rowe & Mary Wright (Table tennis), Anne Smith (Athletics)
1966. Linda Ludgrove (Swimming)
Runners-up: Ann Jones (Tennis), Beryl Burton (Cycling).
1967. Beryl Burton (Cycling)
Runners-up: Jeanette Stewart-Wood (Water-skiing), Ann Jones (Tennis)
1968. Lillian Board (Athletics)
Runners-up: Virginia Wade (Tennis), Marion Coakes (Show jumping)
1969. Ann Jones (Tennis)
Runners-up: Lillian Board (Athletics), Diane Towler (Ice dancing).
1970. Mary Gordon Watson (Eventing)
Runners-up: Rosemary Stirling (Athletics), Mary Peters (Athletics).
1971. HRH The Princess Anne (Eventing)
Runners-up: Ann Moore (Show jumping), Virginia Wade (Lawn tennis).
1972. Mary Peters (Athletics)
Runners-up: Ann Moore (Show jumping), Barbara Inkpen (Athletics).
1973. Ann Moore (Show jumping)
Runners-up: Beryl Burton (Cycling), Verona Bernard (Athletics).
1974. Gillian Gilks (Badminton)
Runners-up: Barbara Gould (Archery), Andrea Lynch (Athletics).
1975. Lucinda Prior-Palmer (Eventing)
Runners-up: Virginia Wade (Tennis), Andrea Lynch (Athletics).
1976. Gillian Gilks (Badminton)
Runners-up: Sue Barker (Tennis), Debbie Johnsey (Show jumping)
1977. Virginia Wade (Tennis)
Runners-up: Lucinda Prior-Palmer (Eventing), Sonia Lannaman (Athletics).
1978. Sharron Davies (Swimming)
Runners-up: Tessa Sanderson (Athletics), Naomi James (Sailing).
1979. Caroline Bradley (Show jumping)
Runners-up: Kathy Tayler (Modern Pentathlon), Margaret Kelly (Swimming).
1980. Sharron Davies (Swimming)
Runners-up: Wendy Norman (Modern Pentathlon), Linsey Macdonald (Athletics).
1981. Jayne Torvill (Ice Dancing)
Runners-up: Kathy Smallwood (Athletics), Joyce Smith (Athletics).
1982. Wendy Norman (Modern Pentathlon)
Runners-up: Mandy Jones (Cycling), June Croft (Swimming).
1983. Jo Durie (Tennis)
Runners-up: Fatima Whitbread (Athletics), Rachel Bayliss (Eventing).
1984. Tessa Sanderson (Athletics)
Runners-up: Wendy Sly (Athletics), Liz Hobbs (Water-skiing)
1985. Virginia Holgate (Eventing)
Runners-up: Zola Budd (Athletics), Kirsty McDermott (Athletics).
1986. Fatima Whitbread (Athletics)
Runners-up: Virginia Leng (Eventing), Sarah Hardcastle (Swimming)
1987. Fatima Whitbread (Athletics)
Runners-up: Laura Davies (Golf), Priscilla Welch (Athletics).
1988. Liz McColgan (Athletics)
Runners-up: Virginia Leng (Eventing), Laura Davies (Golf).
1989. Yvonne Murray (Athletics)
Runners-up: Martine Le Moignan (Squash), Virginia Leng (Eventing)
1990. Tracy Edwards (Sailing)
Runners-up: Yvonne Murray (Athletics), Penny Way (Windsurfing).
1991. Liz McColgan (Athletics)
Runners-up: Lisa Opie (Squash), Sally Gunnell (Athletics).
1992. Sally Gunnell (Athletics)
Runners-up: Laura Davies (Golf), Jane Sixsmith (Hockey).
1993. Sally Gunnell (Athletics)
Runners-up: Nicola Fairbrother (Judo), Virginia Elliott (Eventing).
1994. Sally Gunnell (Athletics)
Runners-up: Laura Davies (Golf), Karen Pickering (Swimming).
1995. Laura Davies (Golf)
Runners-up: Kelly Holmes (Athletics), Lisa Clayton (Sailing)
1996. Laura Davies (Golf)
Runners-up: Denise Lewis (Athletics), Sarah Bailey (Swimming)
1997. Denise Lewis (Athletics)
Runners-up: Kate Howey (Judo), Alison Nicholas (Golf)
1998 (50th anniversary year). Denise Lewis (Athletics)

2006 Sports awards - Zara Philips

Zara Phillips lifted the SJA’s Sportswoman of the Year trophy 35 years after her mother, Princess Anne, had won it

Runners-up: Sue Rolph (Swimming), Ashia Hansen (Athletics)
1999. Paula Radcliffe (Athletics)
Runner-up: Sue Rolph (Swimming)
2000. Denise Lewis (Athletics)
Runners-up: Stephanie Cook (Modern Pentathlon), Shirley Robertson (Sailing)
2001. Stephanie Cook (Modern Pentathlon)
Runners-up: Ellen McArthur (Sailing), Nicole Cook (Cycling)
2002. Paula Radcliffe (Athletics)
Runner-up: Ashia Hansen (Athletics); Joint-third: Kelly Holmes (Athletics) & Zoe Baker (Swimming)
2003. Paula Radcliffe (Athletics)
2004. Kelly Holmes (Athletics)
Runners-up: Tanni Grey-Thompson (Paralympics); Shirley Robertson (Sailing)
2005. Paula Radcliffe (Athletics)
Runners-up: Zara Phillips (Eventing), Ellen McArthur (Sailing)
2006. Zara Phillips (Eventing)
Runners-up: Nicole Cooke (Cycling), Beth Tweddle (Gymnastics)
2007. Victoria Pendleton (Cycling)
Runners-up: Christine Ohuruogu (Athletics); Nicole Cooke (Cycling)
2008. Rebecca Adlington (Swimming)
Runners-up: Nicole Cooke (Cycling) and Christine Ohuruogu (Athletics)
2009. Jessica Ennis (Athletics)
Runners-up: Beth Tweddle (Gymnastics) and Claire Taylor (Cricket)
2010. Jessica Ennis (Athletics)
Runners-up: Amy Williams (Skeleton bob) and Beth Tweddle (Gymnastics)
2011. Rebecca Adlington (Swimming)
Runners-up: Helen Jenkins (Triathlon) and Hayley Turner (Horse racing)
2012. Jessica Ennis (Athletics)
Runners-up: Katherine Grainger (Rowing) and Laura Trott (Cycling)
2013. Christine Ohuruogu (Athletics)
Runners-up: Rebecca James (Cycling) and Non Stanford (Triathlon)

Team of the Year

Past Team of the Year winner, as a player and as a coach, Sir Ian McGeechan presents the trophy for 2013 to his successor as British and Irish Lions coach, Warren Gatland

Past Team of the Year winner, as a player and as a coach, Sir Ian McGeechan presents the trophy for 2013 to his successor as British and Irish Lions coach, Warren Gatland (right)

1970. GB Women’s 4 x 800m Relay Squad (Athletics)
Lillian Board, Sheila Carey, Georgina Craig, Pat Lowe, Rosemary Stirling.
1971. British Lions (Rugby Union)
Captain: John Dawes
1972. Rodney Pattisson & Chris Davies (Sailing)
1973. England Touring Team (Rugby Union)
Captain: John Pullin.
1974. British Lions (Rugby Union)
Captain: Willie John McBride
1975. GB Wightman Cup Squad (Tennis)
Captain: Virginia Wade
1976. GB Olympic Modern Pentathlon Team
1977. Liverpool FC (Football)
1978. Liverpool FC (Football)
1979. Nottingham Forest FC (Football)
1980. Nottingham Forest FC (Football)
1981. Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean (Ice Dancing)
1982. Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean (Ice Dancing)
1983. Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean (Ice Dancing)
1984. Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean (Ice Dancing)
1985. European Ryder Cup Team (Golf)
Captain: Tony Jacklin.
1986. GB Men’s 4 x 400m Relay Team (Athletics)
Kriss Akabusi, Roger Black, Derek Redmond, Brian Whittle.
1987. European Ryder Cup Team (Golf)
Captain: Tony Jacklin.
1988. GB Men’s Olympic Hockey
Captain: Richard Dodds.
1989. GB Men’s European Cup Athletics
Captain: Linford Christie
1990. GB European Championships Men’s Athletics
Captain: Linford Christie
1991. GB Men’s 4 x 400m Relay Team (Athletics)
Roger Black, Derek Redmond, John Regis, Kriss Akabusi
1992. England (Rugby Union)

Two former SJA Awards winners, boxer Lloyd Honeyghan and runner Kelly Holmes, help to celebrate our 60th anniversary in 2008

Captain: Will Carling
1993. England Women’s Cricket Team
Captain: Karen Smithies
1994. Steve Redgrave & Matthew Pinsent (Rowing)
1995. European Ryder Cup Team (Golf)
Captain: Bernard Gallagher
1996. Steve Redgrave & Matthew Pinsent (Rowing)
1997. British Lions (Rugby Union)
Captain: Martin Johnson
1998 (50th anniversary year) GB Coxless Fours (Rowing)
Steve Redgrave, Matthew Pinsent, James Cracknell, Tim Foster
1999: Manchester United FC (Football)
2000: GB Coxless Four (Rowing)
Steve Redgrave, Matthew Pinsent, Tim Foster, James Cracknell
2001. Liverpool FC (Football)
2002. European Ryder Cup Team (Golf)
Captain: Sam Torrance
2003. England Rugby World Cup Team
Captain: Martin Johnson
2004. England Cricket Team
Captain: Michael Vaughan
2005. England Cricket Team
Captain: Michael Vaughan
2006. European Ryder Cup Team (Golf)
Captain: Ian Woosnam
2007. England’s Rugby World Cup Team
Captain: Phil Vickery
2008. GB Olympic Cycling Team
Runners-up: Manchester United and Wales Rugby Union
2009. England Women’s Cricket Team
Runners-up: England Men’s Cricket and Brawn F1 Motor racing Team
2010. Europe Ryder Cup Team
Runners-up: England Men’s Cricket and GB Rowing
2011. England men’s Cricket Team
Runners-up: Europe’s Solheim Cup Team (Golf) and Kath Grainger and Anna Watkins (Rowing)
2012. Europe Ryder Cup Team
Runners-up: Grainger and Watkins (Rowing) and Chelsea (Football)
2013. British and Irish Lions (Rugby Union)
Captain: Sam Warburton
Runners-up: England men’s cricket and Europe Solheim Cup team (Golf)


The Pat Besford Award

2006 Sports awards - Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell, 2006 single sculls World Cup-winner, accepts the Pat Besford trophy from guest of honour, Stephanie Moore

for outstanding sporting performance

1979. David Bryant (Bowls)
1980. Lester Piggott (Horse racing)
1981. Mike Brearley (Cricket)
1982. Bill Beaumont (Rugby Union)
1983. Pat Jennings (Football)
1984. Neil Adams (Judo)
1985. Richard Fox (Canoeing)
1986. Kenny Dalglish (Football)
1987. Derek Bell (Motor racing)
1988. Malcolm Cooper (Shooting)
1989. Karen Briggs (Judo)
1990. Peter Shilton (Football)
1991. Steve Redgrave (Rowing)
1992. Chris Boardman (Cycling)
1993. Richard Phelps (Modern Pentathlon)
1994. Gary Lineker (Football)
1995. Peter Haining (Rowing)
1996. Jane Sixsmith (Hockey)
1997. Andy Green & Richard Noble (Land speed record)
1998. Peter Nicol (Squash)
1999. Carl Fogarty (Motor cycling)
2000. Matthew Pinsent (Rowing)

Christine Ohuruogu receives the Pat Besford Trophy for outstanding performance of 2013 from Dan Topolski. The 400m runner had won this trophy previously in 2007

Christine Ohuruogu receives the Pat Besford Trophy for outstanding performance of 2013 from Dan Topolski. The 400m runner had won this trophy previously in 2007

2001. Bobby Robson (Football)
2002. Tony McCoy (Horse racing)
2003. Pippa Funnell (Eventing)
2004. Bradley Wiggins (Cycling)
2005. Zara Phillips (Eventing)
2006. Alan Campbell (Rowing) and Beth Tweddle (Gymnastics)
2007. Christine Ohuruogu (Athletics)
2008. Nicole Cooke (Cycling)
2009. Phillips Idowu (Athletics)
2010. Dai Greene (Athletics)
2011. Chrissie Wellington (Triathlon)
2012. Jessica Ennis (Athletics)
2013. Christine Ohuruogu (Athletics)


The Peter Wilson Trophy

International Newcomer of the Year

Zoe Smith, Commonwealth Games weightlifting medallist, collects the Peter Wilson Trophy for best international newcomer from Alec Stewart, the former England cricket captain, now a Sunday Mirror columnist

1979. Terry Griffiths (Snooker)
1980. Tony Doyle (Cycling) & Lynsey Macdonald (Athletics)
1981. Steve Davis (Snooker)
1982. Norman Whiteside (Football)
1983. Paul Way (Golf)
1984. Ade Mafe (Athletics)
1985. Laura Davies (Golf)
1986. Roger Black (Athletics)
1987. Stephen Hendry (Snooker)
1988. Fiona May (Athletics)
1989. Colin Sturgess (Cycling)
1990. David Platt (Football)
1991. Colin McMillan (Boxing)
1992. Simon Terry (Archery)
1993. Graeme Obree (Cycling)
1994. Annika Reeder (Gymnastics)
1995. Mark Challoner (Squash)
1996. Ben Ainslie (Sailing)
1997. Ben Hollioake (Cricket)
1998. Michael Owen (Football)
1999. Dean Macey (Athletics)

Charley Hull, right, who made her debut in Europe's senior Solheim Cup-winning team at the age of just 16, receives the SJA's Best International Newcomer trophy from Virginie Bernon, of Laureus

Charley Hull, right, who made her debut in Europe’s Solheim Cup-winning team aged 16, receives the Best International Newcomer trophy from Virginie Bernon, of Laureus

2000. Mark Lewis-Francis (Athletics)
2001. Nicole Cooke (Cycling)
2002. Leanda Cave (Triathlon)
2003. Wayne Rooney (Football)
2004. Amir Khan (Boxing)
2005. Andrew Murray (Tennis)
2006. Aaron Lennon (Football)
2007. Lewis Hamilton (Motor racing)
2008. Jason Kenny (Cycling)
2009. Not awarded
2010. Zoe Smith (Weightlifting)
2011. Tom Lewis (Golf)
2012. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Football)
2013. Charly Hull (Golf)


The National Lottery Spirit of Sport Award

Recognising fair play and those who inspire others by being role models (from 1998 to 2010 known as the UK Sport Award. From 2013 sponsored by The National Lottery)

Rod Carr, left, from UK Sport, and Andy Duncan, of The National Lottery, with the winner of the Spirit of Sport Award, Sir Ben Ainslie, centre

Rod Carr, left, from UK Sport, and Andy Duncan, of The National Lottery, with the winner of the Spirit of Sport Award, Sir Ben Ainslie, centre

1998. Sally Gunnell (Athletics)
1999. Karen Brown (Hockey)
2000. Jason Queally (Cycling)
2001. Paula Radcliffe (Athletics)
2002. Jonny Wilkinson (Rugby)
2003. Darren Campbell (Athletics)
2004. Tanni Grey-Thompson (Paralympics)
2005. Ellen MacArthur (Sailing)
2006. Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms (Badminton)
2007. Katherine Grainger (Rowing)
2008. Rebecca Romero (Cycling)
2009. Alistair Brownlee (Triathlon)
2010. Beth Tweddle (Gymnastics)
2011. Alison Nicholas (Golf)
2012. Jonnie Peacock (Paralympics)
2013. Sir Ben Ainslie (Sailing)


The Bill McGowran Trophy

Disabled Sports Personality of the Year
(From 2012, two awards, one male and one female, have been presented)

1963. Dick Thompson (Athletics)
1964. Valerie Forder (Swimming)
1965. Thomas Taylor (Table tennis)
1966. George Swindlehurst (Basketball)
1967. Lady Masham (Table tennis)
1968. Len Heale (Archery)
1969. Bill Griffiths (All-round sportsman)
1970. Carol Bryant (All-round sportswoman)
1971. Margaret Maughan (Archery)
1972. Margaret Gibbs (Archery)
1973. Gwen Buck (All-round sportswoman)

2006 Sports awards - David Weir

David Weir receives the 2006 Bill McGowran Award from Barry Newcombe, the SJA Chairman

1974. Jim Muirhead (Swimming)
1975. Mike Shelton (Snooker)
1976. Monica Vaughan (Swimming)
1977. Alan West (Pentathlon)
1978. Ralph Rowe (Weightlifting)
1979. Margaret Price (All-round sportswoman)
1980. Margaret Price (All-round sportswoman)
1981. Wilma Lawrie (All-round sportswoman)
1982. Susan Wood (All-round sportswoman)
1983. Isabel Barr (Shooting)
1984. Robert Matthews (Athletics)
1985. Michael Hervey-Murray (Archery)
1986. Christopher Hallam (Swimming & Athletics)
1987. Beverley Gull (Swimming)
1988. Robin Surgeoner (Swimming)
1989. Anthony Willis (Pentathlon)
1990. David Moreton (Swimming)
1991. Anthony Hughes (Athletics)
1992. Chris Holmes (Swimming)
1993. Sarah Bailey (Swimming)
1994. Tanni Grey (Athletics)
1995. Tim Reddish (Swimming)
1996. Stephen Clayton (Athletics)
1997. Great Britain Team (Basketball)
1998. Adeline Fahey (Water-skiing)
1999. Jody Cundy (Swimming)
2000. Tanni Grey-Thompson (Athletics)
2001. David Roberts (Swimming)
2002. Great Britain Team (Basketball)
2003. Nicola Tustain (Dressage)
2004. James Anderson (Swimming)
2005. Shelly Woods (Athletics)
2006. David Weir (Athletics)
2007. Jonathan Fox (Swimming)
2008. Darren Kenny (Cycling)
2009. Eleanor Simmonds (Swimming) and Hilary Lister (Sailing)

Aled Davies and Hannah Cockcroft, delighted winners of the SJA's 2013 Bill McGowran Trophy

Aled Davies and Hannah Cockcroft, delighted winners of the SJA’s 2013 Bill McGowran Trophy

2010. Danielle Brown (Archery)
2011. Peter Norfolk (Wheelchair tennis)
2012. David Weir (Athletics) and Sarah Storey (Cycling)
2013. Aled Davies (Athletics) and Hannah Cockcroft (Athletics)


The J.L. Manning Award

For services to sport off the field of play

1974. Sir Stanley Rous
1975. Sandy Duncan
1976. Charles Palmer
1977. Walter Winterbootom
1978. Professor Arnold Beckett
1979. Mary Peters
1980. Sir Denis Follows
1981. Colin Chapman
1982. Paul Zetter
1983. Rt Hon. Denis Howell, MP
1984. Eileen Gray
1985. Eileen Gray
1986. Frank Williams
1987. Kevin Hickey
1988. Ron Bright

David Walker, right, the SJA deputy chairman, making the presentation of the JL Manning trophy for services to sport to LOCOG chairman  Lord Coe at our British Sports Awards in December 2012

David Walker, right, the SJA deputy chairman, making the presentation of the JL Manning trophy for services to sport to LOCOG chairman Lord Coe at our British Sports Awards in December 2012

1989. Tony Jacklin
1990. Sir John Smith
1991. Roger Uttley
1992. Bill Slater
1993. Sir Eddie Kulukundis
1994. Geoff Cooke.
1995. Trevor Brooking
1996. Dick Palmer
1997. Ian McGeechan
1998. Sir Bobby Charlton
1999. Jeoff Thompson
2000. Peter Keen
2001. David Shepherd
2002. Manchester Commonwealth Games Organising Committee
2003. Clive Woodward
2004. Ken Schofield
2005. Dave Brailsford
2006. Martin Pipe
2007. Anthony Hamilton, Judy Murray, Enzo Calzaghe
2008. Simon Clegg
2009. Phil Kimberley and David Faulkner (England Hockey)
2010. Colin Montgomerie
2011. Malcolm Arnold
2012. Lord Coe
2013. Dame Diana Ellis

Fran Halsall, winner of five medals at the European swimming championships, attended the 2010 SJA Sports Awards on crutches after a recent operation and received the President’s Award from Sir Michael Parkinson


President’s Award

2006. Nicole Cooke (Cycling)
2007. Joe Calzaghe (Boxing)
2008. GB Coxless Four (Tom James, Steve Williams, Peter Reed, Andrew Hodge)
2009. Ellen Whitaker (Show jumping)
2010. Fran Halsall (Swimming)
2011. Andy Flower (Cricket)
2012. Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins (Rowing)


Committee Award

2006. Marcus Tregoning (Horse racing)
2007. Vic Akers and Arsenal Ladies FC
2008. Dorothy Tyler (Athletics)
2009. British Gymnastics
2010. Emma Pooley (Cycling)
2011. Sarah Stevenson (Taekwondo)
2013. Nick Matthew (Squash)

Chairman’s Award

2012. Johnny Marray (Tennis)
2013. Polly Swann and Helen Glover (Rowing)

The SJA works together with: British Olympic Association Sport Accord We Are England Sport England Sport and Recreation Alliance UK Sport
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