Season’s greetings from the SJA as our work goes on

The President of the Sports Journalists’ Association, Sir Michael Parkinson, the officers and committee wish all our members, and visitors to this website, a very merry Christmas and a successful 2011.

Plans are already well advanced for the Association’s next major event, the British Sports Journalism Awards, which will be presented at a gala dinner in central London on Monday, March 7.

Entry forms for the Sports Journalism Awards, sponsored by UK Sport, will be available online on this website in the first week of 2011, and will also be sent to all current SJA members with their latest edition of the SJA’s quarterly Bulletin.

Published in early March will be the 2011 SJA Yearbook, the must-have handbook for our profession in which all members may provide a brief biography and photograph to accompany their contact details. Click here for details of how to submit your profile.

Your Association depends on your subscription fees being paid in full and promptly, and your subs become due on January 1. Full details of how you can pay your subs can be found by clicking here.

The SJA continues to work to secure guests for our headline-grabbing sports lunches, organising our Golf Days, arranging for tours of the soon-to-be completed Olympic Park, and for 2011 we are looking to stage a second Cricket Day and another Sporting Question Time debate – this time Olympic-themed – early details of which can be found in the next Bulletin.

However, over the next week or so, this website, and our colleagues at Start2Finish events, will be a little less active than we are in the other 51 weeks of the year.

Start2Finish’s offices will reopen on Tuesday, Jan 4.

Urgent enquiries in the meantime on any SJA-related matter (not just the website) can be sent by email to

Have a great Christmas.