News to relaunch with Hines as editor

Tom Hines has been appointed as web editor of, the website of English rugby’s governing body, ahead of the site’s re-launch. caters for all levels of the union code in England, with senior fixtures and results all updated by 6pm most Saturdays during the season, as well as news and updates on other business in al departments at Twickenham up to the England national side. But has not undergone any serious updating since its original launch almost a decade ago – making it virtually prehistoric in terms of fast-moving sporting websites.

Peter Thomas, the RFU’s director of public affairs, explained, “We have recently appointed a new web editor to help us finalise the relaunch of, which will take place in the next few weeks.

“The web editor joins our existing, experienced digital media team. The new site will have a number of positives including, rapid results publication, enhanced content and greater ease of use”.

The site will also offer more multi-media facilities, and give a higher profile to the women’s game.

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