The Questionnaire: Rodney Hinds

Rodney Hinds has been sports editor at The Voice, Britain’s leading black newspaper, since 2000, having started his career 25 years ago on on West Indian World.

Here, he answers the SJA Questionnaire on Jodie Kidd and Sir Alex Ferguson, Thierry Henry, Linford Christie and Monty Panesar, and his own a career that has seen him cover Test cricket, football World Cups and netball, and recently saw his book, Black Lions, published.

What has been your most memorable assignment during your career?
There have been too many to choose just one to be honest. But ones that stick out include World Cup of 1998 and 2006 and covering Tests in the Caribbean.

What was your first sports journalism assignment?
I think it might have been netball!

Television: Lost or 24? Neither: CSI New York to be honest.

What did you want to do as a job when you were at school? Schoolteacher

Who has been your most difficult interviewee, and why? Any individual that insists on one-liners!

Monty or Giles? Full Monty for me!!

Have you ever encountered racism in the course of your work as a sports journalist?
No. If it has taken place I’ve not been aware of it.

Tell us about the sports venue that you have encountered that had the worst press working facilities.
The old Leyton Orient facilities were a bit cramped.

What sport do you play now – and to what level?
Squash is my game and not to any great level, as the missus always seems to beat me.

Why do you think relatively few people from ethnic minorities go into journalism, and sports journalism in particular?
It may have something to do with a perceived glass ceiling. It’s a pity as many within the ethnic minorities love their sport and have great knowledge about it. To some degree I hope that what I am doing, along with my colleagues, encourages others.

What sports event would you most like to attend as a spectator?
An Olympic Games

Linford Christie or Dwain Chambers? Linford (pictured, winning the Olympic 100m final in Barcelona in 1992)

Who raises your ire more, and why: Mourinho or Ferguson?
Ferguson. Nobody does it better or for as long.

Does any of your family have any involvement with journalism?
Yes. My cousin Karyn is a feature writer and book reviewer of note.

What do you consider to be essential abilities for a good sports journalist?
Passion for the job is required and a thirst for knowledge.

Which colleagues or managers have been most influential or helpful in your career, and how?
Joel Campbell has been great. A young man who reminds me at his age: passionate, Energetic and in the game for life.

What’s your favourite sports-related movie, and why?
Jerry Maguire. A great movie which said it all about sport: emotion, drama and action.

Jodie Kidd or Elle Macpherson? Jodie

What aspect of the business do you really dislike?
The paper trail

What sports book would you recommend, and why?
Rothmans Yearbook – the definite guide in terms of football stats.

Boxers or Y-fronts? Boxers

Which sports journalist’s work do you look for first (and why)?
Henry Winter of the Telegraph. His football reports/features are things of sheer beauty. I always learn something new.

Thierry Henry or Ian Wright? Thierry

Dr Who: Tom Baker or David Tennant? Tom Baker

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to enter the profession?
Grow a thick skin and never give up on your dreams!

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