‘Non-Pravda’ Mirror turns down Mourinho interview

The Mirror turned down the interview with the Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho which appeared in today’s Sun, Daily Mail, Telegraph and Times, after the club demanded copy approval.

Mirror sports editor Dean Morse said of Chelsea: “It may be run by Russians but we’re not Pravda yet.”

A number of newspapers were invited to talk to Mourinho last week, but conditions were attached by the club’s press office.

According to a report on Guardian Unlimited, Chelsea wanted the interview to appear in question and answer format and have copy approval, plus a 400-word sidebar about Chelsea’s charity work with children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent – written by the club – that could not be substantially changed.

But the Mirror declined. Morse said he applauded Chelsea’s charity work but said the demands went too far.

Read the full report on the Guardian website by clicking here.

Do you think Chelsea were demanding too much? Was the Mirror riht to make a stand? What is the most ridiculous demand from a PR you have encountered? Post your comments below