Do you know your RSS from your elbow?

Know your PVR from your VoIP? And your VOD from your IPTV? Probably not, according to a survey which suggests the 21st century consumer is at risk of being overwhelmed by new digital technology.

Three-quarters of us have never heard of VOD (video on demand), according to the Nielsen/NetRatings poll. Almost as many – 70% – haven’t got a clue what a “Wiki” is, while the phrase Web 2.0 remains a mystery to two-thirds of the online population.

Chances are you’re smarter than the average bear because you have taken the trouble to read a media blog, but what about the population at large? RSS? Two-thirds have never heard of it. Surprisingly perhaps, the same proportion of us have never heard of “triple play”.

“In the relentless quest for the next big thing when it comes to new forms of digital consumption, there is a significant tendency for the industry to overestimate consumer’s knowledge and understanding of the seemingly limitless new terms and products out there,” reckons European internet analyst Alex Burmaster.

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