Sporting quotes of the week

Rob Steen sifts through this week’s sporting sayings

Who’s sorry now?

Keane: I’m So Sorry – Backpage headline, The Sun, UK edition, August 30

Keane: I’m Not Sorry At All – Backpage headline, The Sun, Irish edition, August 30

That’ll tell ’em
“Apparently more young women are getting into debt because they try to shop and party like a footballer’s wife. If I heard of anyone doing that I’d tell them to get a grip” – Coleen McLoughlin, Closer

Rude boy
“He was rude to me in that meeting and he was rude to my dad. I had never met the man before. As far as I was concerned the least he could do was be polite…As soon as we left the meeting my dad said to me: ‘You’re going … the quota system will never finish’.” – Kevin Pietersen, pictured right, on Ali Bacher and fleeing South Africa, from book extract serialised in Daily Mail

Hair today…
Tony Becca, The Gleaner, Jamaica:

“Regardless of who initiated the offer to resign and the request for $500,000 compensation, Hair has now lost all his credibility. After asking for money to go, after asking that the details of his settlement be kept a secret, after suggesting that the ICC can explain his resignation any way it pleases, and after saying that none of that should preclude him from taking civil action against any member of the ICC and particularly the members of the Pakistan team and the members of the Pakistan Board, no one will ever again respect him”

Divided opinion

“Javier Mascherano has emerged as a deadline-beating target for Manchester United” – The Sun

“Ferguson was said to be exploring numerous options yesterday, but this apparently no longer includes Javier Mascherano. United are not thought to be among the contenders for the Argentinian’s signature” – The Times

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