More opportunities for women in sport

From the British Olympic Association
A three-year project will give 11 women involved in British sport the skills and experience required to take on senior decision making roles.

The Women and Leadership Development Programme has been developed by a partnership betwen the British Olympic Foundation (BOF), UK Sport and the Central Council of Physical Recreation (CCPR) to help tackle the issue of women’s representation within the highest ranks of British sport.

Those selected to take part in the programme are:

· Emma Atkins – sportscoachUK
· Penny Briscoe – British Paralympic Association
· Melanie Curds – UK Athletics
· Danielle Every – Football Association
· Alison Faiers – England and Wales Cricket Board
· Lyne Greenwood – Northern Ireland Sports Forum
· Sue Hornby – British Canoe Union
· Margaret Nolan – British Cycling
· Emma Reed – British Judo Association
· Lucy Smith – British Gymnastics
· Heather Williams – British Triathlon

“The Women and Leadership Development Programme provides a unique opportunity for those involved to boost the role of women in sport both in the UK and overseas,” Sue Campbell, the chair of UK Sport, said. “Not only will these women directly boost the level of representation in leadership positions, their achievements will encourage and inspire others to strive for similar heights.”

Jan Paterson, director of the British Olympic Foundation, said: “We hope to play our part in achieving the International Olympic Committee’s goal of increasing the number of women in leadership and administrative positions within the Olympic movement.”

To provide exposure to leadership, each participant’s own organisation has committed to provide opportunities to learn and develop, for example by allowing them to observe relevant meetings and take up suitable appointments when they arise.

“The pool of resources for sport and recreation has always been limited so it makes absolutely no sense that talented women in the sector are not making it to the top as often as they deserve,” said Brigid Simmonds, the chair of CCPR. “This Programme should help more women in sport fulfil their potential and help more of CCPR’s member organisations make the most of the skills they have at their disposal.”