SJA British Sports Awards 2020 to go virtual

For the first time in SJA history we’re going virtual with our awards.

Each December the members of the SJA traditionally stage the British Sports Awards, the longest-running awards of their kind.

Unfortunately the Covid-19 restrictions mean we can’t hold the kind of event you’ve grown accustomed to. Instead, our celebrated host Jim Rosenthal, with the backing of our sponsors the National Lottery, will be hosting our virtual event.

Sunset+Vine, the award-winning television production company, are working with us on this exciting project.

Even if we won’t be meeting in person we still have a clutch of awards we want SJA members to vote for. We still want you to select your Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year of 2020 plus your Team of the Year.

And we also believe this is the year when we can truly mark the SJA’s status as the largest group of independent sports journalists in the world. We want you to nominate who you believe have been the UK’s finest sportsman and woman over the 71 years of our history. The list is vast and your nominations don’t have to be previous winners of SJA trophies.

All the voting will take place online and we’ll be back with more information about this.