1 millionth hit on, the website of the Sports Journalists’ Association, registered its one millionth “hit” yesterday, less than six months after the site’s re-launch.

This benchmark follows a record month for site traffic in December. With the site carrying news and pictures from the SJA Sports Awards, and then the launch of the annual SJA Sports Journalism Awards, the website was visited by an average of nearly 1,000 viewers every day throughout the month. On one peak traffic day, 18,094 pages were viewed – or “hit”.

The SJA’s website will continue to provide the latest news and information on the Association’s and its members’ activities throughout 2007, as well as offering advice and job advertisements, and expect that all members and regular visitors keep returning to the site for its blend of articles on sport, journalism and sports journalism.

Photograph shows former SJA officers David Hunn and Trevor Bond (left) enjoying a chat at the SJA Sports Awards at the Brewery in December (picture by Steve Rowe)