Photographers: Get your pics out for the lads

Calling all SJA photographer members: do you have any images of witty banners or slogans made by supporters at sporting events?

PR agency Steely Fox ( is curating an exhibition of the best photos such banners. The exhibition is part of a PR campaign in the UK for a premium Irish whiskey brand.

The key requirement is that the banners shown in the photos are witty, clever, intelligent or topical. The banners should not be offensive, dull, or political.

Have you got a suitable picture of fans' banners for an exhibition?
Have you got a suitable picture of fans’ banners for an exhibition?

The banners can be from any sporting occasion – not just football. They can be from anywhere in the world, not just the UK – as long as there is an interesting story behind the banner.

Fees will be paid for each image used – if you are interested, please search your archives for suitable images and email your submissions to

The deadline for submissions is next Friday, January 18.

If you have any questions, contact Jim Byers at Steely Fox PR – 07798 876 707 or
There may also be a bottle of Irish whiskey in it for anyone with suitable images.

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