Reach create 16 new football journalism jobs in the regions

The regional arm of Reach plc is to create 16 new jobs in football journalism.

While the amalgamation of Trinity Mirror and Express Newspapers has meant job cuts and budget constraints at national level, Reach’s regionals continue to be a growth area.

The latest initiative is “The Football Project” which sees new roles in Newcastle, the East Midlands, West Midlands, Manchester,  Liverpool and on Football.London. Regional and club-specific football reporters will work for one UK team, beginning on January 1.

Jonathan Birchall (left) , head of sport for the company’s regional websites, becomes editor (football) while Tom Marshall-Bailey is the new publishing editor (football).

Aidan McCartney, head of sport in Bristol, is appointed wire editor. Kristian Walsh, sports audience editor at the Liverpool Echo, is the new content editor (group sport).

Josh Williams and David Hughes are football scouting writers while Nathan Bliss is the new e-sports and gaming writer.

Christopher Doyle and Connor O’Neill will be attached to Reach’s BelfastLive website as UK football writers.

David Higgerson, chief audience officer at Reach, said: “We have come a long way in terms of football coverage online in recent years and we believe there is an opportunity to reach even more people, and engage with those who already visit, more frequently.”