SJA CHAIR’S REPORT: ‘Talent continues to shine through amid industry changes’

June 6, 2024


In a very challenging few months for our industry, we have been able to reflect on the outstanding contribution our writers, photographers, podcasters, video journalists and broadcasters have made to sports journalism.

The SJA British Sports Journalism Awards in March again showed that we have the most talented content creators in the world – every year, I’m in awe at the quality of work on show.

Thanks to the continuing support of the National Lottery and Canon, we can proudly showcase this work, while continuing to make changes that reflect our ever-changing workplaces.

Also, thanks to the National Lottery for its support of the SJA British Sports Awards. We had a new venue for the event at the end of last year at The Oval, which received some very positive feedback.

We are continuing to look at evolving our awards and plan to have some news about this in the coming months.

And what a few months we have ahead of us. The Euros, Olympics and Paralympics alone will keep us all busy and produce plenty of stories, hopefully winning ones.

I look forward to another outstanding year in sports journalism.

Ashley Broadley is the sports editor at PA Media and chair of the Sports Journalists’ Association

Election of Officers and Committee

Mary Fitzhenry, Mark Alford and Ian Ric have stepped down from the SJA Committee.

At the AGM held on 6 June 2024, there were two new candidates for election.

Carrie Brown and Brian Spicer were both proposed, seconded and duly elected to the Committee.

The re-election of the existing Officers and Committee was also agreed by those present in the meeting and online.