News literacy programme, NewsWise, is looking for journalist volunteers

Award-winning news literacy programme, NewsWise, is seeking journalist volunteers.

We live in an era of major national and international political change and disinformation. During the COVID-19 epidemic, misinformation and fake news have represented an important issue generating confusion and insecurity among young people. We are looking for journalist volunteers to help primary aged children engage with and enjoy news, to feel confident to ask questions and to challenge misinformation, to have their own values and opinions. Journalist volunteers help us show how news is exciting and important, highlight its capacity to hold power to account and inspire the next generation of young news makers.

About NewsWise: An award-winning, cross-curricular news literacy project for seven- to 11-year-olds across the UK, set up by the Guardian Foundation, National Literacy Trust and PSHE Association. We want to help young people to develop a clear and authentic voice amongst their peers, in their homes, schools and wider communities.

What are we looking for?

  • We’re looking for journalists to take part in an hour-long Q&A session with one or two primary school classes doing the NewsWise project.
  • We’re looking for journalists from right across the industry, from a range of backgrounds and specialisms.

 What NewsWise can offer volunteers:

  • Support from the NewsWise team; briefing and resources to help you prepare before the session. We’ll be in the session with you to help facilitate it
  • An opportunity to share your experience and expertise with the next generation of news makers!

NewsWise ultimately aims to increase diversity in the media; all volunteers are welcome, but we particularly urge journalists from minority groups to volunteer!

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