Questions of sport/9

Have you watched plenty of old movies over the holiday? You might detect a film theme to today’s penultimate set of questions in our prize quiz, with its £100-worth of prizes exclusively for SJA members.

Make sure you have gathered up all your answers from today and the previous eight days, ready to send off your entry after tomorrow’s final set of questions.

71, Which boxer’s life was the film Raging Bull based upon?

72, Who played the eponymous title role in the film National Velvet?

73, In what British-made 1950s film did actor Bill Travers (in the days before he appeared in Born Free) appear as a young Scot who wins the Olympic hammer gold medal?

74, Name the 1970 British movie in which Michael Crawford and Charles Aznavour play Olympic marathon runners (seriously).

75, Who played in goal for the prisoners’ team in the film Escape to Victory?

76, What is the Olympic connection of movie actress Charlotte Rampling (pictured)?

77, Who are the reigning Olympic champions at… polo?

78, What is the man who set a British 100m record in 1967 better known for today?

79, Name the double Olympic athletics gold medallist who went on to win the US Open golf championship three times.

80, Which bastard son of a prostitute became cricket correspondent and music critic at the Manchester Guardian?

The final 20 questions will be here, online, tomorrow, together with entry details for your chance to win the SJA’s end-of-year quiz.

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