Questions of sport/8

Another 10 questions today in the SJA’s end-of-year prize quiz, getting you ever nearer the finishing line, and your chance to enter on New Year’s Eve.

61, Name the former Daily Mail athletics correspondent who was reserve for Britain’s Olympic gold medal-winning 4x400m relay team in 1936.

62, In what sport was the Westchester Cup contested between Britain and the United States?

63, Which Guardian correspondent had Test debut figures of 4 for 41 against the West Indies in 1976?

64, What sport is played on a court that features a net, a pass line and a penthouse?

65, What sport is associated with Bisley?

66, In what sport did former Fifa president Joao Havelange compete for Brazil at the 1952 Olympics?

67, In what sport is the Thomas Cup contested?

68, Where was the first FA Cup final staged in 1872?

69, In what sport would you find clocks, lofts and fanciers?

70, Name the Scottish club that entered the FA Cup when it was first staged in 1871-72.

Another set of questions tomorrow.

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