Questions of sport/6

Another set of questions in the SJA’s end-of-year prize quiz for SJA members. We hope this is a tough test of your sporting knowledge, with £100-worth of prizes available to the best and quickest three entries.

But do not enter now – you need to try to answer all 100 questions that will be set for you through to Dec 31. The winner will be the e-mail entry from an SJA member with the highest score received. Final entry details will be published on Dec 31.

Here’s day six’s questions:

46, Name the only Briton to win an orienteering world championship medal in the classic distance event.

47, Name the reigning Olympic champions… at cricket.

48, Doubles: Kelly Holmes won the 800-1,500m double at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Who was the last male track athletes to achieve such a feat?

49, Name the London MP who is a former Northern Ireland high jump champion?

50, To which city were the 1908 Olympic Games originally awarded?

Another set of questions tomorrow.

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