Questions of sport/5

Welcome to latest set of questions in the SJA’s end-of-year sports quiz. How are you doing so far?

Today’s five questions will get you almost halfway – we hope this is a tough test of your sporting knowledge, with £100-worth of prizes available to the best and quickest three entries.

But do not enter now – you need to try to answer all 100 questions that will be set for you through to Dec 31. The winner will be the e-mail entry from an SJA member with the highest score. Final entry details will be published on Dec 31.

Here’s your next sporting challenges:

41, Paavo Nurmi, the “Flying Finn”, was disqualified from the Olympics after he turned professional after competing at the 1928 Games. Yet Nurmi won gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. How?

42, Who was the Daily Mail‘s correspondent who covered the first ever 26-mile, 385-yard Marathon at the Olympics?

43, Steve Ovett beat Seb Coe to the Olympic 800m gold medal in 1980. Who won the 800m title at the 1984 Olympics?

44, Which famous Fleet Street figure was forced, literally, to eat his hat after Chelsea won the 1970 FA Cup final?

45, Name the last Briton to win an Olympic swimming gold medal.

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