Members: Save 50% on Olympic web subs

A leading Olympic website is offering SJA members a 50 per cent discount on subscriptions for the next six months, through to the London Games.

Atlanta-based, edited by Ed Hula, has been covering Olympic matters online since 1992, and provides in-depth interviews, background material and leads on IOC, LOCOG and other Games matters.

Today, they announced, “We’re delighted to make this special offer: 50 per cent off the regular rate!

“For an individual subscription, that would be six months for $98, one-year for $158 or two years for $298. Enter the promo code: LDN2012 to get 50 per cent off our already low subscription rates.”

The ATR subscription offer is only available during February.

To take advantage of this offer, click here, and remember to use the subscription offer code LDN2012.