2011 Yearbook issued to SJA members this week

The 2011 SJA Yearbook has been despatched to all members of the Sports Journalists’ Association this week.

The SJA committee is again extremely grateful for the work of editor Paul Trow and designer Chris Hill for putting together this invaluable piece of work, which was formally launched last week at what many of our guests have told us was the most successful SJA British Sports Journalism Awards yet staged.

Publishing the Yearbook in March is part of a revised strategy, ahead of Olympic year 2012.

We are also more cost-conscious than ever before, since UK Sport, our generous sponsor for nearly decade, is no longer able to support us financially. It is for this reason that the committee has reluctantly decided to suspend printed publication of the SJA Bulletin.

Over the past five years, together with the website, we have kept our members in touch with SJA news with regular emails, and these will continue. Do we have your latest, correct email address?

It is all the more important that you keep Bill Colwill, the membership secretary, updated with any changes in your home or work address and email details: Bill Colwill OBE, Birchen, 31 Chesham Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross, Bucks SL9 0PG, or

If you think you should have received a copy of the Yearbook, but have yet to do so, then it may be because you need to update your contact details, or because you have not kept your membership subscription up to date. If it is the latter reason, then you will have also been sent a letter this week informing you that your membership is about to lapse.

To retain your membership of the SJA, with its numerous benefits, we would ask that you act promptly by sending a cheque, payable to the SJA, for £30 or £20 (if you live and work more than 50 miles from central London), to Bill Colwill.

No further reminders will be sent. Once you lose your membership, you will be taken off our email list. You will no longer be eligible for the membership discounts on tickets for our working lunches or awards events, you will not be given priority on bookings for events such as our Olympic Park tour or upcoming Question Time event, and you will not be able to renew your SJA and AIPS press card.

For full details of how to become a SJA member, click here.

Tue Apr 5: SJA Olympic Question Time.
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Wed Apr 13: SJA 2011 Annual Meeting, at offices of UK Sport, Russell Square. Strictly SJA members only.

Wed Dec 7: SJA 2011 British Sports Awards – note the date in your diary now.

All details subject to alteration. Keep checking for updates