Panorama producer praises legal advisors

From UK Press Gazette

The executive producer of this week’s Panorama programme exposing allegations of widespread corruption in Premiership football said the programme was only able to air thanks to the “extraordinary robustness” of the BBC’s media lawyer.

The investigation, Undercover: Football’s Dirty Secrets, which exposed alleged bribe-taking by Premiership managers, was watched by an audience of 5.1 million on Tuesday night.

BBC Current Affairs executive producer Paul Woolwich told Press Gazette: “On a story as incendiary as this, on a subject as big as this, involving people with very deep pockets, suddenly we were up against the premiership of libel lawyers in this country.

“It was only due to the extraordinary robustness of the BBC lawyer, Roger Law, that this thing got to air. Roger is a media lawyer who helps producers get stuff to air rather than finding reasons why you can’t broadcast.”

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