Old certainties are no more

Now that internet activity has been given a life of its own, old certainties are no more. We are moving towards the broadcast model, where different programmes have their own editors but their identities are barely known beyond their own staff. How will the power of the Telegraph editor, looking to fill his newspaper version, compare with that of the podcast chief, looking for instant comment? Is it the editor in chief or the managing director (editorial) laying down the rules?

Kim Fletcher looks at the industry-wide changes implicit in the changes at the Telegraph

It is a mark of the speed with which the newspaper business is changing that the digital initiatives at the Telegraph have been greeted with such enthusiasm by industry observers. A glimpse of an open plan office, an architect’s sketch of a 21st century newsroom, the promise of streaming video of Simon Heffer and suddenly an unfashionable broadsheet newspaper with an elderly readership gets written up as the new Google.

Will the Barclays’ big adventure work?

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