Activity Alliance launches campaign #WhoSays to challenge negativity in disabled sport

Activity Alliance have this week launched a campaign – #WhoSays – challenging the negative misconceptions surrounding disabled people and sport.

The charity is calling for people to post their own experiences, make films and add their voices to the issue.

To kick it off, the campaign films challenge six findings from the research. The films provide upbeat insight with a mixture of disabled and non-disabled people. They share their own experiences and feelings on these six statements:

  • It’s not a real sport if you have to adapt it
  • Disabled people aren’t competitive
  • Watch what you say around disabled people
  • Disabled people don’t want to join in
  • Disabled people might get hurt
  • Everyone can’t take part together

Adam Blaze, Sport England’s Strategic Lead for Disability, said:”Views that disabled people don’t want to join in, might get hurt or that everyone can’t take part together are just some of the perceptions that prevent disabled people from being active.

“The campaign tackles these myths head on showing that we can all do more to break down the barriers and challenge negative perceptions facing disabled people wanting to get involved in sport and physical activity.”

The Activity Alliance is looking for  individuals, companies or organisations to come forward with ideas to challenge someone’s attitude whilst being active. 

Anyone who wishes to get involved or has a great idea for the campaign, please contact or call 0161 228 2868.

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