10 jobs saved in Non-League Paper buy-out

The Non-League Paper has been saved from closure after finding a buyer, saving the jobs of 10 staff on the title and its sister publication, The League Paper.

But dozens of freelance journalists are unlikely to get any money from the deal – and some have been left out of pocket by thousands of pounds.

David Emery, the founder of the Non-League Paper, says that the police may be involved in a fraud investigation, following the discovery in June of a “huge hole” in the business’s finances, which caused the paper to go into administration.

“We’ve all been victims of an elaborate financial swindle,” he told UK Press Gazette. “Investigations are ongoing and it is likely the police will be involved.

The Non-League Paper had a bumpy ride financially, but not in terms of its sales or its readers.

“It is definitely safe for the foreseeable future and so is The League Paper. We couldn’t have asked for better buyers.”

A new entity called BHT Media has bought the Non-League Paper and sister title. Businessman Simon Burrell is behind the buyout. The former PA executive launched Entertainment and Sports Agency and runs the popular website

Read the full UK Press Gazette report here.

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