Sir Michael Parkinson and Jim Rosenthal join the SJA’s big debate

We’ve asked you to vote for your greatest British sportsman and woman during the life of the SJA and we know it’s provoking debate among members.

And who better to join in the discussions than two of our most celebrated members, Sir Michael Parkinson  and Jim Rosenthal?

Both have seen plenty of sport during their careers and offer captivating insights into the men and women they’ve interviewed and admired down the years.

They met up earlier this week to record an exclusive interview for the SJA’s Sports Awards 2020 show which will go out on December 10.

As you can imagine, Sir Michael’s insight on George Best is riveting. Jim’s knowledge of the athletics scene helps him assess the merits of brilliant stars like Kelly Holmes, Jess Ennis-Hill and Dina Asher-Smith.

Please get your votes in and see if you’ve picked the same names as our two legends of sports journalism – Parkinson and Rosenthal.

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