Rugby organisers promise to review ticket allocations

By Barry Newcombe, SJA chairman and chairman AIPS rugby commission
The organisers of the 2007 Rugby World Cup have promised a review of Press accreditations and ticket allocations for the tournament, which starts next month, following widespread errors, and the SJA is appealling to all affected sports editors to give us their feedback on the process.

Journalists had complained that they had been accepted or rejected for matches for which they had not applied and had no response for matches that they need to attend.

In one instance brought to the SJA’s attention, the rugby correspondent of a national newspaper has been allocated tickets for only one game in a home nation’s group matches. Meanwhile, a freelance colleague has been granted tickets for three high-demand matches that he never even applied for.

One senior rugby correspondent found that he had been rejected for a match that he had not applied for, and accepted for one that he had not applied for, yet the matches he had included in his application list had been entirely disregarded.

We are sure that these are not isolated examples. The Rugby Writers’ Club has asked its members to report if there are mistakes in their personal allocations.

Greg Thomas, the RWC director of communications, says that a review of accreditations will take place this week.

Therefore, sports editors and rugby correspondents affected should e-mail Barry Newcombe urgently with details of their mis-allocations.

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