Harry Carpenter memorial service: May 25

A memorial service to celebrate the life and work of sports broadcaster Harry Carpenter will be held at St Bride’s, Fleet Street, on Tuesday, May 25, at 11.30am.

Carpenter’s career began as a sports reporter and sub-editor, for the Greyhound Express and on the Daily Mail, before joining the BBC, where he worked in the sports commentary team for nearly 50 years.

As his Times obituary noted, “Harry Carpenter belonged in the ranks of the greats of sporting commentary who were once heard almost every week of the year on BBC television or radio. What John Arlott was to cricket, Henry Longhurst to golf, Kenneth Wolstenholme to football and Dan Maskell to tennis, Carpenter was to boxing. It was his voice that was synonymous with the great bouts that were then broadcast on terrestrial television with audiences of many millions.”

Carpenter died in March, aged 84.

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