Sporting quotes of the week – 1Jun2007

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“He showed great hunger and desire to get back. He didn’t moan, just got his head down and worked hard. I have not made this decision for anyone, it is about form. He is the fittest I have seen for a long time” – Steve McClaren, England manager, on the return to the national squad of David Beckham

“I’ve known Sepp Blatter for 10 years. He’s a tricky customer but I suppose anyone in that position has to be because you’re dealing with people who have a totally different code of ethics” – some of the comments which cost Scottish FA president John McBeth his vice-presidency of Fifa

“Just watch him play, Beckham’s champions say. But I have watched him play, first-hand, in 91 of his 94 appearances for England (I missed three with a severed tendon, sorry) and it is a long while since he performed for his country with this same level of energy and application. Which is why when I see Beckham in action for Real these days, what I now believe is best summed up in a question: if he can play like that for England, why didn’t he?” – Martin Samuel, in The Times, argues that Beckham’s recall by England is a mistake

“I confess to being a bit bloody-minded over getting the opening window installed in the commentary box at Lord’s, but architects need to be told that radio commentators do not want to be sealed in” – Peter Baxter, producer of BBC Radio’s Test Match Special for 34 of its 50 years, on how broadcasters can get alterations done to listed buildings

“Barney’s as flat as a Dutch mountain range” – Sid Waddell in commentary on the darts Premier League semi-final between Raymond van Barneveld and Terry Jenkins

“There are two options. You either don’t want to do it and stop or you work through it. It would be easy to throw in the towel but I won’t” – Tim Henman after his first-round defeat at the French Open

“A hugely entertaining entry into a sporting world that sometimes beggared belief. It provided insight without ever being intrusive or gratuitous and had a big personality to open the doors” – Royal Television Society judges comment on Big Ron Manager, the Sky programme they named as sports programme of the year this week

“To say there is not a lot of point to this tour is ridiculous. I don’t agree with that. It gives some of the younger players experience of playing in a hostile environment” – England rugby coach Brian Ashton, after his side, shorn of 30 first-choice players, was hammered 58-10 by South Africa in Bloemfontein

“Look, Duncan, you’re a journalist. One day, you’ll write a book about this club. Or, more to the point, about me. So you may as well know what I am thinking and save it for later when it won’t do any harm to anyone” – Brian Clough, as recorded in Duncan Hamilton’s book Provided You Don’t Kiss Me, reviewed on this site

“Surprises can come, and they come when you least expect them” – commentator John Gwynne at the start of the Premier League darts semi-final between Phil Taylor and Dennis Priestley

“To be at Twickenham last weekend for the latest round of the IRB World Sevens circuit was to witness one of the most enjoyable and competitive days sport of the year so far, and if Jacques Rogge and his IOC pals had been there, they’d have been inspired by the kaleidoscope of tracksuits representing countries from every corner of the world which gave the occasion an ‘Olympic’ feel. Sevens has long since moved on from its Commonwealth roots, and is far more international than a great many other disciplines that still maintain their Olympic status” – John Inverdale, in the Daily Telegraph, begins a campaign for IOC President Jacques Rogge, a Belgian rugby international, to have Sevens included in the 2012 Olympics

“To the parents of youth athletes of the future – you have got to understand that if you guide them and steer them, support their dreams and let the fire become a blaze, in 10 years’ time they will find out what the real rules of elite sport are; there is no Easter Bunny, there is no tooth fairy, there is no Santa Claus in elite sport. The purity is not there. That’s the point” – Victor Conte, the man behind the Balco doping scandal, in interview with The Guardian’s Lawrence Donegan

“I’ve got to win next week in Estonia, everybody knows that. I have picked a squad of players I believe will get us the result” – McClaren

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