London 2012 re-brands with Give Us A Clue

The now familiar multi-coloured, winding Thames logo of the London Olympic bid will “disappear” from Monday, when LOCOG launches (somewhat belatedly) a new brand image for the 2012 Games with which, they hope, to sell £600million-worth of sponsorship. And a bit more.

The “creatives” at Canary Wharf have gone all viral (that’s Web 2.0-talk for sticking stuff all over the worldwide interweb, in unexpected places, and thereby being able to declare that they are reaching a brand new, yoof audience). They have been placing “clues” about the new logo with videos online.

The first clue appeared yesterday. It read: Which London-based blog is passionate about its unique, biting brand of music, movie, TV, videogame and celebrity news, gossip and reviews?

From that, the obvious answer is, of course, (No. I didn’t get it, either).

Nor is there that much in the video that has much to do with the Olympics. And can you spot any references, however oblique, to the new logo? Do tell us in the Comment box at the bottom of this screen if you can.

Even the people at Hecklerspray give a good impression of bemusement over the video-thingy. You can only wonder quite how much money had to change hands to persuade them to post London 2012’s video.

But Hecklerspray has a good line on the theme, “Passion”, with a list that includes Hunter S Thompson’s obit for Richard Nixon, which is always worth re-reading. Check out the list, and the video, by clicking here.

And today’s clue is? Which blog inspires people to explore London and everything that happens in it? (Is it me, or is this one a bit obvious?)

For all the clues over the weekend (if you’ve nothing better to do), or to see the logo launch on Monday, click here.

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