‘One day you’ll have the most beautiful diamond ever’

IAN COLE’s weekly round-up of sporting quotes takes in Tiger Woods, Amy Williams, Danny Cipriani and Sir Clive Woodward. Plus the usual footballing bon mots from Monsieur Wenger and Ruud Gullitt on Wayne Rooney’s diamond formation

“For all that I have done, I am so sorry. I never thought about who I was hurting. I thought only about myself. What I did is not acceptable. I am the only person to blame” Tiger Woods, at a press conference to which the press were not admitted.

“It’s selfish ” and you can write that. Mondays are a good day to make statements, not Fridays” Ernie Els, angry at how Woods’ decision to break his silence came just as his colleagues were preparing for the second day of the Accenture matchplay championship.

“I didn’t get much sleep last night, reading text messages under my duvet. Everyone believed in me more than I believed in myself” Amy Williams (left), Britain’s first individual Winter Olympics gold medallist for 30 years, struggles to cope with her achievement.

“It’s like being shot out of a really long gun barrel and being electrocuted at the same time” Ed Leigh, for the BBC, tries to summarise what it is like to travel at nearly 80mph on a skeleton bob down the track at the Whistler Sliding Centre.

“Shelley’s a brilliant athlete and it was nice she came and said ‘Well done’. But nothing changes between us. I am rivals with every single athlete. Some I am friends with ” and some I am not” Williams just can’t get on with team mate Shelley Rudman.

“They probably should have brought in an extra live chicken to sacrifice for weather” Dick Pound, Canada’s senior member of the IOC, offers advice to the much-criticised Vancouver Games organisers.

“If I could be in any band, I’d be in Take That” James Milner displaying ambitions beyond Villa winning the League Cup or England the World Cup. But does he want to be Robbie or Gary?

“Playing for my country has always been my ambition and hopefully this move will prolong my England career” Danny Cipriani, signs to play for Melbourne Rebels for two years despite advice from the England rugby team management.

“It was an accidental back pass. He kicked it back with a toe kick. The ball hit Sol. It has to be intentional and that wasn’t. It’s difficult to understand but maybe I’m not intelligent enough” Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal manager, once again, just doesn’t see the same game as the rest of us as Porto score their Champions League winner from an uncontested free kick.

“It’s been a long time coming. I knew I was in great form. It was a good day’s golf. I knew I was in great form and I felt calm all day – nerves didn’t play any factor at all” Ian Poulter, feeling in the pink after winning golf’s world matchplay final against fellow Englishman Paul Casey, and pocketing nearly £1 million in prize money.

“He’s still a rough diamond. But one day you will have the most beautiful diamond ever. He could be the best one day, but it all depends on him” Ruud Gullitt looks at the broader picture after Wayne Rooney’s headed double for Manchester United against AC Milan in the San Siro.

“Jane was sitting in front of me and I could see her face going whiter and whiter. We got in the car and sat in silence for a minute. Then she said ‘That’s it. You’ve just burned your bridges. There’s no way you’ll ever come back here’” Sir Clive Woodward, England’s World Cup-winning coach (pictured right), recalls on Desert Island Discs the day his wife heard him tell the RFU where to stick their rugby ball.

“She was and is my hero. I’m very honoured and very thrilled to beat her record and I’ve no right to be mentioned in the same breath as her, let alone beat her record” Jenny Meadows beats Kelly Holmes’ seven-year-old British 800 metres indoor time.

“I’ve always been 100 per cent committed to England and I’m excited to qualify” Craig Kieswetter, the Somerset wicketkeeper-batsman, born in Johannesburg to a Scottish mother, announces his arrival as an England cricketer with 81 off 66 balls as England Lions beat their seniors in a Twenty20 warm-up.

“Jonny missed a few kicks and suddenly everyone is calling for his head. It’s become the vogue to have a pop at Jonny and I don’t think it’s right or fair. Some people have their own agenda” Martin Johnson defends Jonny Wilkinson as the golden boot loses some of its lustre.

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