“It’s time we carried Tendulkar on our shoulders”

Wayne Rooney’s swearing, Andy Carroll’s drinking, Mario Balotelli’s behaviour, and then the heroic career of Sachin Tendulkar. This week’s sporting quotes have got it all, thanks to IAN COLE

“It was not the swearing that appalled. It was the total absence of joy, of fun, of love for the game or its fantastic rewards that was so offensive about Wayne Rooney’s goal celebration on Saturday” Martin Samuel, the SJA’s Sports Writer of the Year, in his Daily Mail column.

No need for lip readers: Wayne Rooney "celebrates" his hat-trick against West Ham

“It is disgusting for youngsters watching TV to be subjected to this vile behaviour. Even if the words cannot be heard clearly it is not difficult to understand what is being said. Players should be banned and maybe in time that will make them accept their responsibility to the young people who look up to them” Lord Pendry, the president of the Football Foundation.

“It’s done. Let’s move on” Alan Shearer offers incisive analysis on BBC’s Match of the Day.

“If some stupid fans don’t understand and appreciate such a gift they can go to hell. I don’t want them to be fans. If they don’t understand and don’t believe in things I believe in they can go to Chelsea. They can go anywhere else” Mohamed Al Fayed, the Fulham owner, is disappointed the statue of Michael Jackson he commissioned to stand inside Craven Cottage does not receive unanimous acclaim.

“I have no vendetta against Liverpool. I enjoyed my time there. Actually, to say ‘enjoyed’ wouldn’t strictly be true, but I respected my time there. I was treated correctly by everyone at the club. It didn’t work out – for me or for them – but I’m very pleased it’s working out for them now” Roy Hodgson, whose job as manager of Liverpool lasted six months, prepares to face them with new club West Brom, who won 2-1.

“You saw the Keystone Cops for the first goal. It was a good finish but, come on, if that happened tomorrow morning and we’re watching our kids’ game you wouldn’t be happy about it” Mick McCarthy after Wolves’ 4-1 defeat at Newcastle.

“I don’t like to speak about my relationship with the clubs, with other people. These are my personal secrets. I’ll never tell you about what really happened in my career” Fabio Capello in response to claims by Jose Mourinho that he was “only hours away” from taking the England manager’s job himself.

“Whether it is attributed to resilience of spirit or to a form of national derangement, the swiftness with which optimism about the prospects of the England football team renews itself after each successive disintegration is a wondrous phenomenon” Hugh McIlvanney, in the Sunday Times, and trenchant as ever, makes the point that England only beat Wales.

“I spoke with him. Privately. I think Andy likes to drink beer. But he needs to improve, to drink less. He’s young. But his behaviour now is really important” Capello sees Andy Carroll score against Ghana on his first start for England, but the boss wants to curb the Liverpool striker’s drinking habits.

India's Little Master celebrates winning the cricket World Cup

“He is 20 years old and at that age people can do stupid things. But maybe the time has come for him to help himself and understand the mistakes he is making. Otherwise, he risks throwing away his abilities, which are immense. If he does not, everybody will make him a target, starting with the referees” Roberto Mancini, the Manchester City manager on his Italian striker Mario Balotelli, who has picked up two red cards and nine yellow in 21 games for the club.

“Tendulkar has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years. It’s time we carried him on our shoulders” Virat Kohli as India’s World Cup winners carry Sachin Tendulkar around Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium.

“No one has tapped me on the shoulder asking me to go. I have thought long and hard about the best thing I can do for the team and now is the best time for the new captain” Ricky Ponting stands down as Australia cricket captain with a record of 48 wins in 77 Tests as skipper.

“It is hard to see the corporation as a significant player in the next round of bidding for Formula 1 rights. Golf’s Masters at Augusta has already gone to Sky – to be screened in 3D – and even traditional BBC events such as Wimbledon and the Six Nations may be under threat” Martin Kelner foresees a bleak future for the post-Grandstand, Manchester-bound BBC Sport department.

Quins prop Joe Marlar: not the shy, retiring type

“I’m receding pretty fast so I might as well make the most of it while I’ve got it. It’s something to do, it’s a bit of a hobby. I knew there’d be an awful lot of stick. But it’s just a haircut. If I’m playing crap and people are criticising me, it won’t be because of my hair” Joe Marler, Harlequins’ mohicaned prop. He managed to get a red card in his team’s game against Leicester and a two-week ban.

“It’s a training drill I use, which I thought I’d try for real because I was holing nothing. It was quite thrilling to open my eyes and see the ball tracking every time for the hole” Justin Rose bids to improve his putting by closing his eyes.


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