“If I was an England fan, I think I’d probably boo too”

IAN COLE’s weekly round-up of the sporting week with the things they said, including Fabio Capello and David Beckham, Ian Holloway, Rebecca Adlington and the delighted Dominic Cork

Pressing the point: Don Fabio says he is misunderstood

“I hope, when David is OK, he can play in a friendly at Wembley to say bye bye and thank you very much. I won’t pick him for any more competitive games. We need players for the future” Fabio Capello sparks the story of the week in an interview for ITV by announcing that he will not pick David Beckham for England again.

“I’d like to pay tribute to someone who has been an incredible role model. We all remember some of those great free-kicks, those great moments he’s been responsible for. I’m sure lots of people will be sad he’s not going to be playing for England again” David Cameron, the same Prime Minister who is not available next week to meet with the World Cup inspectors in support of England’s 2018 bid.
“I’ve always said I won’t retire from playing for my country, whether I never get picked again, play one more game or 10 more games” Beckham.

“Please. Every time I speak I have to think 10 times before opening my mouth because you want to find something wrong when I speak. I don’t know. You’re asked about Beckham and what do you say? I said what I thought. It’s not a big problem in terms of the relationship between me and David. Absolutely no problem” Capello blames the Press after he realises the fuss he has caused.

“We have supporters who follow us all over the world and spend large amounts of money doing it. I can understand their frustrations. I’m sure there will be boos at times. If I was a fan, I’d probably boo too” Steven Gerrard, the England captain.

“I’ll take a photo of the table and retire” Ian Holloway, the Blackpool manager, feels on top of the world, never mind the Premier League table, after his side’s 4-0 win at Wigan.

“In a word, it’s a defeatist attitude” Garry Richardson, on BBC radio, sums up England players’ outlook in… errr….  four words.

“It’s a shame the way agents get in the way of football sometimes. They stymie their players’ careers rather than enhance them. We are the employers. We are the ones offering the terms, the contracts. No deals should be about the agent. It should be about the player and giving that player a platform to perform on one of the best stages in the world” Karl Oyston, the Blackpool chairman, dislikes what he finds in the Premier League transfer jungle.

“It has become clear over recent weeks that I could not, for whatever reason, become passionate about the role and give the commitment the position demands” Steve Coppell quits as Bristol City manager after three months and just two games.

“No one person is bigger than Aston Villa Football Club – not Randy, not me, not the chief executive Paul Faulkner and not Martin O’Neill. What is interesting is that only three of those named understand the fact” General Charles C Krulah, right hand man of Aston Villa owner Randy Lerner, after the resignation of O’Neill as Villa manager five days before the start of the season.

“I’m happy if England win the World Cup. I’d jump to the rafters. I’m supporting them in their bid for 2018 when other countries asked me to support them and I’m doing it for nothing because I want England to be successful” Arsene Wenger refutes accusations that filling his team with foreign youngsters is detrimental to the development of the England team.

“For me, it’s really important for a coach to be calm. When you’re out on court they can’t help, but the coach has to be there to deal with you in the tough moments, know how to deal with situations deep into Grand Slam events. You might need to be talked to sometimes, but it’s also knowing when to back off and just let things go” Andy Murray wins the Toronto Masters but is still looking for a coach.

Weight of expectations: Rebecca Adlington

“I feel I’m expected to get a gold medal every time. Everyone has that expectation. I just feel I’m letting people down and I don’t want to do that” Rebecca Adlington is tearful after finishing seventh in the 800 metres freestyle final at the European championships.

“It’s nice to come out of the pool smiling rather than crying. That race was for me” Adlington after winning the European 400m freestyle.

“And Dix is out quickly” Geoff Wightman, the stadium commentator, on the 100 metres heats at the London Grand Prix meeting at Crystal Palace.

“In fact, there are no dog kennels at his home and thus no underfloor heating has been installed” The Sun corrects a story about the non-existent underfloot heating in the non-existent kennels in Wayne Rooney’s house.

“This is up there with everything I’ve achieved in cricket. It’s all about the team and the young guys who have come in and taken us over that winning line have transformed the side and deserve all the credit” Dominic Cork, at 39 and a veteran of 37 Tests and 32 one-day internationals, celebrates leading Hampshire to victory in cricket’s Twenty20 Final.