“I haven’t missed a training session for two months”

The face of north-west football changed this week, with words spoken in the High Court and in the mixed zone at Wembley. IAN COLE with the week’s sports quotes, on Liverpool, Wayne Rooney, Malcolm Allison, Gordon Strachan … and Paul Dickenson’s constipation

Kop that: Liverpool supporters' unambiguous feelings about the club's previous owners

“I came out here and walked the pitch alone. The first thing I wanted to do when I left London was to get to Anfield. It’s a magical, magical feeling to walk on to this pitch and think that we are the new owners”  John W Henry, after his £300 million deal, gets inside Liverpool FC.

“This case has nothing to do with Texas” Mr Justice Floyd, in the High Court, dismisses an injunction against the sale of Liverpool taken out in Texas by previous owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks.

“The old owners are now, from beyond the grave, trying to exercise with their dead hands, a continuing grip on this company. It is simply not acceptable” David Chivers QC, representing John W Henry.

“That was as good as we have played all season. I have no qualms with the performance whatsoever” Roy Hodgson, Liverpool’s manager, is the only one by his side’s 2-0 defeat at Everton.

“That’s when pundits were pundits” Alan Hansen, a criticised pundit for the BBC, on the late Malcolm Allison’s abilities in the TV studio as well as on the training pitch.

“You have to make a difference between an accidental red card and a team who tries to kick you from the first to last minute. No matter what we do it is wrong. If we get kicked and do not reply, people say we are too soft” Arsene Wenger, campaigner against foul tackles, sees his Jack Wilshere sent off.

“I asked the lads to go out and knock seven bells out of everybody like I normally do and instead they play free-flowing football, rampant for 45 minutes. What the hell were they playing at?” Mick McCarthy’s tongue in cheek response to suggestions that he sends out a team of kickers at Wolves.

Rooney: lot to say this week, but apparently not with his manager

“Last time he made a mistake like that was probably in primary school. It’s just one of those inexplicable errors” Sir Alex Ferguson sees Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar’s uncharacteristic blunder gift a point to West Brom.

“I’ve been training for the past two months. I haven’t missed a training session” Wayne Rooney disputes his club manager’s opinion of his fitness – a remark that snowballed into a full-blown crisis at Old Trafford.

“There is a culture of drinking in the English game. I have spoken with them about it but in my opinion it is better they go out with a woman. This is what I did after matches in Italy. It is better!”  Roberto Mancini, the Manchester City manager, reacts to an off-duty drinking session involving Joe Hart and Adam Johnson.

“Here’s a real top-of-the-table clash – first against third” Eleanor Oldroyd introduces QPR v Norwich on FiveLive.

“Dicko’s got to be the only person to come to Delhi and end up constipated” Jonathan Edwards, in BBC commentary, for once telling his audience something it didn’t already know, regarding the health of his co-commentator Paul Dickenson.

“When I go to meet my maker, if the worst thing I’ve done is to be curt with a radio reporter, I hope I’ll be alright” Gordon Strachan’s inability to give a straight answer to a reasonable question lands him  in trouble at Middlesbrough. Strachan left Boro 48 hours later.

“Outside of diving, I’m normal. I go to school like everyone else, I go out on the weekend with friends. My brothers are annoying just like any other brothers. They think diving is rubbish and boring” Tom Daley, the double Commonwealth Games gold medallist, and a candidate for your votes in the SJA British Sports Awards.

“I need to play like this for a whole tournament in the Slams. I don’t think my game needs to improve much. When you beat Roger and Rafa, it gives you confidence you can beat them in the Slams” Andy Murray after beating Roger Federer to win the Shanghai Masters.

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