“He epitomises what people think is wrong with football”

Some notorious candidates for IAN COLE’s selection of sports and media quotes of the week

“For me, if a player plays for Manchester City in the Champions League and earns a lot of money and does this, then he can never play for me again. I have helped him for the past two years and I can’t accept this from him. For me, he’s finished” Roberto Mancicni, Manchester City manager, after Carlos Tevez apparently refuses to come off the bench to play at Bayern Munich.

Not going on: Carlos Tevez

“He’s a disgrace to football. He epitomises what most people think is wrong with modern football. It is totally unacceptable. It’s all about him, him, him” Graeme Souness, former international, manager and Sky pundit.

“I didn’t feel right to play so I told him I couldn’t play. I have always done my best for the club and was top scorer last year. If he doesn’t want to play me again, that’s up to him” Carlos Tevez.

“The sooner he leaves the country the better. Within a few months he’ll be kissing another badge” Neil Warnock, QPR manager, who has previous with Tevez.

“The vast majority of footballers come from the same working class background as the supporters. Most of them remember their roots, where they were born and bred, and have respect for where they’ve come from. More and more they are becoming alienated from the working class people of today because of the rewards they get. I think that for the rewards footballers get they should show a greater responsibility” Steve Bruce, Sunderland manager, after Titus Bramble is bailed following an alleged sexual assault in a nightclub.

“Both clubs were extremely disappointed to hear the chants from supporters at yesterday’s game. Neither club tolerates foul language, racist chanting, homophobic chanting or any anti-social behaviour from its supporters. We shall be working closely with each other to identify the individuals involved” Joint statement issued by Arsenal and Tottenham following abuse from some fans towards Emmanuel Adebayor during Sunday’s London derby.

“They apologised when they realised they had stepped over the mark. They had no idea how upset she subsequently became. They have been reprimanded for their behaviour. They have been disciplined. It drags us all into it and that is what makes me particularly angry” Martin Johnson, England rugby manager, forced to spend more World Cup time discussing the off-field behaviour of his players, this time “inappropriate” remarks to a young, female hotel worker.

“With all the reports of dwarf-throwing, drinking and mixing with women with big boobs, it’s been like an old-fashioned tour for real men” John McCririck, TV racing pundit, on the England rugby team’s escapades at the World Cup.

Not going on: Dan Carter

“It was off the cuff. I was out there for a while calling for the ball. I didn’t think it would come as the game was so tight, but when the chance came I made sure I caught his eye” Chris Ashton, whose late try for England ended Scotland’s World Cup.

“I’ve kicked thousands of balls and … I don’t know what happened. Something popped and suddenly I was on the ground in agony” Dan Carter, the All Blacks’ fly-half playmaker, on the moment when injury struck to end his World Cup.

“The referee kept getting in the road. Every time we passed the ball he was in the way. I think he wanted to play” Sir Alex Ferguson finds someone to blame after Manchester United escape with a 3-3 draw at home to Basel.

“I always want to play, that’s a given. I love playing for this club. I am proud of playing here. I’ve had knocks before in my career. It makes me work harder to come back” Frank Lampard, widely written off, scores for Chelsea at Valencia after a couple of games squirming on the bench.

“At the moment we have no discussions ongoing with any developer and we still have not made the decision that, yes, Chelsea definitely want to move. But, just like any business, we have at least to be prepared for a move if something right comes along” Bruce Buck, the Chelsea chairman, as the Roman Abramovich-owned club makes the first move to pay £1.5 million to a supporters’ trust to acquire the freehold to Stamford Bridge, which is valued at £1 billion.

“Rubbish. Unacceptable. That 90 minutes is still in my head and won’t leave me for a while” Steve McClaren, Nottingham Forest manager, after a 5-1 defeat at Burnley. When Forest then lost 3-1 at home to Birmingham, McClaren quit.

“I just felt it was a bad decision all round” Nigel Doughty, the Forest chairman, on his appointment of McClaren.

“I don’t know what the percentage of fans is, but I’d rather they vented their anger at me than the players” Steve Kean, Blackburn manager, on a sit-in protest by fans at Ewood Park after a 4-0 defeat to Manchester City.

“Mark Halsey said he didn’t want to guess. But he did guess and he guessed wrong. It rips your heart out a bit when decisions like that go against you” Mick McCarthy, Wolves manager, after a 2-1 home defeat by Newcastle.

“The disappointment is massive because it’s Palace and it hurts” Gus Poyet, Brighton manager, whose side have slipped from the top of the Championship and lose at home to A23 rivals Crystal Palace.

“He’s a powerful beast, he has great feet. He’s a kid that can get even better. I’ve got a gem on my hands if I can keep improving this guy” Alex McLeish, Aston Villa manager, on Gabriel Agbonlahor.

“I don’t pick them, they’re a bit dodgy but we have to wear them” Agbonlahor on his luminous green boots.

“I was so down, crying and contemplating suicide. I was going deeper and deeper into depression. I needed something to get my backside into gear and pull my finger out. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to think ‘Blimey, Ricky, get a grip’” Ricky Hatton, retired former world welterweight boxing champion, speaking on Radio 5 Live.