“Day to remember now will be a day I’ll never forget”

IAN COLE with this week’s round-up of sporting quotes, including Lewis Hamilton, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Jose Mourinho and Paul Scholes

“When they are fourth or fifth – or wherever they are in the League – I don’t think they can be classed as a main rival. Our main rivals are Arsenal and Chelsea. City are just a rival because of where they are. Liverpool are the same” Paul Scholes writes off Manchester City in advance of the clubs’ FA Cup semi-final. City won 1-0, with Scholes sent off.

Paul Scholes: red mist

“We’ve seen it over Paul’s career. He’s given us some fantastic moments and is one of the greatest players this club has had, but he has these red mist moments” Sir Alex Ferguson on Scholes’ dismissal.

“I am happy for the supporters, because they deserve a day like that. But we have to play another game. It’s important we don’t forget this. I don’t want now that we beat United and then it’s finished. Today was only a semi-final” Roberto Mancini, the Manchester City manager.

“Football is the world’s only transcendental art form” Matthew Syed gets this past the subs on The Times sports desk and straight in to Pseuds’ Corner.

“It was all getting a bit mad. Being in the Potteries I’d already been asked to throw a china bowl at some target or other. But this was the funniest of the lot. I turned it down flat. I thought, no, I’m not throwing any Christmas pudding over any double-decker bus” Rory Delap, Stoke’s long-throw expert, heads for the FA Cup final after a 5-0 demolition of Bolton.

“I’m ashamed and embarrassed. That was not the real Bolton. The FA Cup is something I’ve always dreamed of winning. I was hoping it would be a day to remember but now it will be a day I’ll never forget”  Kevin Davies, the Bolton captain.

“I miss England and my next job will be in England. It is my natural habitat. There is unfinished business. And I think England wants me back” Jose Mourinho.

“You can’t really win as England manager, unless you win” Gary Neville.

“I’m just like any other working man. I’ve got to look after myself and my family. I’ve got bills to pay, children to feed and send to school, I’ve got to fill the tank with petrol. After my three games Barnet are set up not to get relegated. I’ve no regrets” Martin Allen after walking out on his (non-contract) job as Barnet manager after three games to become manager of Notts County.

“I have to do my best. It’s not my decision whether I stay here or not” Carlo Ancelotti after Chelsea’s Champions League defeat at Manchester United.

“We win together, we lose together. We are all in the same boat and we try to guide the boat to the harbour as safely as possible” Petr Cech, the Chelsea goalkeeper, stops short of talking about sardines.

“My lads are going to the PFA dinner, a disguised booze-up with ties on, back-slapping and ‘Aren’t we good?’ Load of nonsense” Ian Holloway, the Blackpool manager, after the 3-1 home defeat to relegation rivals Wigan.

“I don’t want to repeat what was said. I don’t know why a conversation between managers on the bench is of any relevance after a game like that” Kenny Dalglish has a televised disagreement with Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger after Liverpool equalised from a penalty in the 11th minute of stoppage time. The Sky Sports reporter failed to follow-up his initial question.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his first GP win in eight months

“I can’t remember my last win it was so long ago. Every inch of the race, every second was incredibly enjoyable. When you win from the start it’s beautiful, but when you win having come through people and you really have to earn it. I exist, I live and breathe to win: I love winning and I couldn’t be happier” Lewis Hamilton wins the China Grand Prix, his first victory for eight months,

“I will take Rory aside as a member of my team. I will give him sympathy first. I will tell him to take positives. I will speak as someone who has had major heartbreaks” Colin Montgomerie, who never won a major, offers help to Rory McIlroy after his Masters collapse.

“It just sounds too good to be true if after all these years someone makes it all come back and I start enjoying it again and finding my shots” Ronnie O’Sullivan turns to a sports psychiatrist to help him make it to snooker’s world championships.

“The Chinese are so far ahead of everyone else at the moment. They are like machines. They are so good right now they can only throw away the gold medals at London” Tom Daley, 2009 world champion who, with partner Pete Waterfield , broke the Chinese monopoly of gold medals at Sheffield’s World Series with victory in the 10-metre platform synchronised dive.

“That was a disgraceful call. That was Paul’s dream. Of course it’s a cut, but I’ve seen worse shaving. It was shaping up to be a great fight. If you accept it was an accidental clash of heads, which I do, the fight should have been continued. The referee must understand he has discredited boxing” Barry Hearn, in his role as boxing promoter, sees his fighter, Paul McCluskey, stopped by referee Luis Pabon in his WBA light-welterweight title fight against Amir Khan.


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