Media briefing: England rugby injury audit

What: Media briefing on England Rugby Premiership Training & Injury Audit 2009-10

When: Monday, February 14

Where: Twickenham Stadium, Members Lounge

Time: 1130 (brunch) for 1200 start


The England Rugby Premiership Injury & Training Audit is the world’s largest continuous injury study in professional rugby union and maps the frequency and risk of injuries at Aviva Premiership Rugby and England level.

The seventh season (2009-10) of the study will show:

  • 20% reduction in likelihood of sustaining a match injury compared to 2008-9. This equates to a reduction of 0.4 injuries per club per match or 133 less injuries over the course of the season.
  • The likelihood of sustaining a match injury is broadly similar level to all seasons studied except 2008-9 and 2002-3.
  • 25% reduction in the total numbers of days absence as a result of match injury.
  • 43% reduction in average numbers of days absence from a recurrent injury. This decrease is a marker of the completeness of rehabilitation by Premiership Rugby and England medical and conditioning staff.

Media contact: Dave Barton, Corporate Communications Manager, RFU

+44 (0)1453 845333
+44 (0)7736 517610