World Athletics looking for best photograph of the year


World Athletics will present an award for the best athletics photograph of the year at this year’s virtual World Athletics Awards 2020 on Saturday 5 December.

Any professional photographer who has attended an athletics event in 2020 can take part. Photographers are requested to submit one photograph by email to, and include a caption, the date the photograph was taken and the image’s technical information.

Entries should be no larger than 5MB and must be received by midday Monaco time on Friday 6 November.

The top 25 entries selected will form part of a digital exhibition which will go live on 26 November. From that shortlist, the panel will then select the top three images. The finalists will be revealed on 26 November and the winner will be announced live during the virtual awards.

The panellists are: Raquel Cavaco Nunes – World Athletics Photo Commissioner since 2013,  Ivo Gonzalez –  Project Director for Photo Operations at Tokyo 2020, Bob Martin – Three-time SJA sports photographer of the year, Thomas Rohler – Olympic javelin champion, Katerina Stefanidi – Olympic pole vault champion, 2017 world champion