Nothing half-baked about Storry’s nutty approach

SUE MOTT makes a strong case for the England hockey goalkeeper, Beth Storry, to get your vote for Sportswoman of the Year

Beth Storry: world's leading hockey keeper

It is hugely significant that upon watching the final of the Great British Bake Off recently, Beth Storry jumped on to the internet and applied to take part in the next series. Dynamic in so many areas, she bows to no man nor woman in the creation of the perfect chocolate brownie.

“The trouble is, I can’t do it. They’d need me between March and May 2012 and I think we may be otherwise engaged.” Only on the London Olympics.

Beth, 33, made her debut for England in 2002 and has made the No1 shirt her own. Voted Best Goalkeeper of the Tournament at the World Cup last year in Argentina, she is consistently regarded as one of the best performers in international hockey.

In the 2011 Champions’ Trophy in Holland, her contribution was crucial against Germany, gold medalists at the Athens Olympics, as England fought their way into the second stage of the competiton. Winning 1-0 and desperately needing to hold on, she made what she considers to be one of their greatest reflex saves of her career – with her head.

“I knew nothing about it, but I must have been in the right place at the right time. It’s not exactly text book but it still kept the ball out,” Storry says.

England finished the tournament fifth and went to win a bronze medal in the European Championships. Storry’s calm, level-headed, consistency in goal was a vital part of the performance.

Storry: bakes a fine chocolate brownie

She has already achieved one ambition to make the International Hockey All-Stars team in 2010, beating formidable global opposition. Her second ambition remains: to win an Olympic gold medal.

Beyond sport, she speaks fluent Dutch, passable German and is learning Spanish at evening classes, works as an accountant, has taken up French Polishing and does voluntary work with Age Concern.

Her chocolate cake, according to teammates, is a legend. “Hint of coffee,” she revealed, “but no nuts.”

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