CCPR re-brands as Sport & Recreation Alliance

The CCPR, for seven decades the lobbying group for British sporting bodies, has entered 2011 under a new name and branding, the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

The S&RA issued the following statement:

We continue to be the same organisation, with the same good people, doing the same good work on behalf of our members but we have taken the momentous decision to change our name so that more people can understand what we are doing.

Why has CCPR changed its name?

After 66 years under the name CCPR (which stood for Central Council of Physical Recreation, since you ask), it was time for change.  Many people new to our organisation and its work didn’t understand our name. We would have to spend valuable time in snatched conversations to give people a clue about what our role was. People told us it was a barrier to a wider understanding of sport and recreation and the valuable function we perform for the sector.

Our new name – the Sport and Recreation Alliance – tells people much more about the organisation and its work. We are an alliance of sport and recreation organisations – the governing and representative bodies in the sector – and we work collaboratively to put forward the views of our members and provide them with the services they need.

What does the new name and brand say about us?

We hope that the new name and brand give people much more of an idea about the kind of work we do. For starters, it tells you we work in sport and recreation, which is an immediate improvement on the old name. It reflects the breadth of our membership – it’s not just sports governing bodies we work for, but also organisations such as The Ramblers and the British Wheel of Yoga. And it tells you we all work together for the good of our sector and our members.

We hope our new visual identity reflects some of our core values – dynamism, collaboration, authority, trustworthiness, unity. And that you like it. You can’t please all of the people all of the time but we’ve worked hard to create something which we hope will mean more to more people.

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