PA appointed official press agency for 2012 Olympics

From the Press Association
The International Olympic Committee has appointed the Press Association as host national news agency for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Press Association is delighted to accept responsibility for providing comprehensive coverage of our home Olympic Games for the national, regional and local media in the United Kingdom.

The appointment as host national news agency guarantees the Press Association access in greater numbers than ever before – allowing our photographers and our reporters to bring Britain’s media the complete 2012 story.

Kevan Gosper, IOC vice-president and chairman of the IOC Press Commission, said: “With the Press Association’s long history of meeting the needs of the British media and their commitment to covering the Olympic movement, I am delighted to confirm their appointment as host national news agency for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

“The primary role of the Press Association as the host national news agency is to guarantee that UK athletes competing at the Games receive comprehensive media coverage in their own country.”

Paul Deighton, chief executive of LOCOG, said: “This is a great appointment for London 2012.

“The Press Association has a very strong reach via its highly respected wire service, and a deep understanding of the Olympic and Paralympic movements.

“We look forward to working with the Press Association team on the road to London 2012.”

The Press Association is at the heart of the British and Irish media and provides a continuous feed of words, pictures, video and data into newsrooms around the country.

As host agency, we will draw on over 140 years of heritage in the production of fast, fair and accurate content.

Ian Campbell, managing director of Press Association Sport, said: “We are immensely honoured by our appointment as the host national news agency of the world’s biggest sporting event.

“The Press Association has unrivalled regional coverage and unique relationships with editors and sports editors within the regional press.

“Our aim as the host national news agency is to ensure the inspiring stories from all aspects of the Olympic Games are covered to their fullest advantage and that London 2012 has a UK news service of which to be proud.”

Scott Dougal, Olympics editor at Press Association Sport, said: “The Press Association has been bringing Olympic news to the British media since the first London Games in 1908.

“We take this responsibility very seriously and relish the opportunity to excel at our home Olympic Games.

“We promise comprehensive coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games according to our guiding principles of fast, fair and accurate reporting.”

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