Attacks on westerners sees murder at Olympics

The United States Olympic Committee has issued a statement following the murder of one American national in an attack in central Beijing in the early hours of the morning following the Opening Ceremony.

The American is unnamed, but according to the USOC was a relative of a coach of their men’s volleyball team.

The USOC statement reads:

The United States Olympic Committee has learned of an incident that occurred earlier today involving two family members of a coach for the United States Olympic Men’s Indoor Volleyball Team.

While at the Drum Tower in central Beijing, the two family members were stabbed during an attack by what local law enforcement authorities have indicated was a lone assailant. One of the family members was killed and the other seriously injured.

Following the attack, the assailant took his own life.

The USOC report follows a separate incident involving an attack on Australian television commentator Steve Robilliard.

Robilliard, who works for Television New Zealand, was hit with a broken chair within 100 metres of the Hubei Hotel, where he is staying.

“He said it’s nothing too serious … he reckons the attacker was drunk,” fellow TVNZ reporter Craig Stanaway told AAP.

“The hotel is highly embarrassed, a complaint has been lodged and they are doing a sweep of the area.”

Robilliard was back at work on Saturday, commentating at the gymnastics.

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