Stafford has a mountain to climb

SJA member IAN STAFFORD is on a mission: to raise thousands of pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust and other causes, and he is seeking your support

I am going to climb Kilimanjaro in October for the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Matt Hampson Trust and other, spinal research-related charities.

, at 19, 340 feet, is the highest mountain in Africa. Temperatures during the climb will range from +35 degrees to -20 degrees. The days will involve 12-hour treks uphill. I need to have seven jabs and there is a good chance of altitude sickness which can lead to facial oedamas, Cheyne-Stokes breathing, nausea, migraines and severe fatigue. So, it’s no walk in the park!

Any donations will be gratefully received. My aim is to reach £20,000, which is why I’m starting now. I have a just giving account which can be accessed by clicking on

Many thanks for your support.

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