Sports Journalists’ Association Annual General Meeting 2021

This is to give formal notice that the Annual General Meeting of the Sports Journalists’ Association will be held on 15th April 2021 at 1230.

In line with COVID-19 restrictions it will be held on an online platform. Let us all hope that this will be the last time that this proves necessary.

Members wishing to attend should please advise James Green at Start to Finish so that a link may be sent –

The main business of the meeting will be to receive an annual report, the annual accounts, appoint auditors and to elect the officers and committee for 2020-2021.

Please note the following:

In line with our constitution, motions not already published for inclusion in the agenda must be proposed and seconded by full members and submitted to the Secretary in writing no later than 7 (seven) days before the date of the meeting.

The election of officers and committee members will also be conducted at the AGM.

We welcome anyone who believes they can contribute to the work of the SJA to put themselves forward as a prospective committee member. It would greatly assist our planning for the meeting if you could advise the secretary seven days before and include a brief biography.

Please note members in all categories are welcome to attend, but only full members are entitled to vote in any election.

We look forward to ‘seeing’ as many as possible at the meeting.

Good wishes,

Philip Barker
Hon. Secretary SJA