SJA 2009 subs – make sure you pay yours

SJA subscription renewals are due from January 1, so please move early to make sure your standing orders are set up for the correct amount to go into the treasurer’s coffers.

The rates are £30 for London-based members and £20 for those working more than 50 miles from the capital, payable to the SJA. These rates were changed only recently – please ensure that you are paying the correct rate – it barely covers the cost of postage of the various Bulletins, the Yearbook and other mail-outs that you receive each year.

Standing orders save the Association money, and early payment means that you avoid receiving the letter from hell from the treasurer or, worse, a hockey stick around the ankles from the membership secretary.

A bank mandate form can be found here, although with most banks, a simple phone call with instructions, including the SJA’s bank account and sort code details, will be sufficient.

Any other questions about your membership, please contact Bill Colwill, membership secretary.

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First posted Dec 18

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