Ryan steps down as sports editor at Sunday Telegraph

Jon Ryan will edit the sports pages of the Sunday Telegraph this Saturday for the final time, he told today.

A member of the SJA committee since 2006, Ryan said it was his decision to leave the job as sports editor at the Sunday Telegraph “after eight glorious years”.

“There was no pressure on me to go, and I leave behind a great team, but I felt it was the right time for a change after eight years,” Ryan said.

“It is my choice and it has all been very amicable. I certainly won’t be stopping work and I won’t return to newspapers. I’ve had 35 years in Fleet Street which I think is quite long enough for anyone.”

No replacement for Ryan has yet been announced. Last month, Mark Skipworth was announced as executive editor (sport), overseeing sports coverage at the Daily and Sunday Telegraph titles and their website.

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