Norman Giller is unwell

Norman Giller is unwell.

Get well soon, Unc

The SJA website’s veteran (he’s in his 70s) regular columnist (three years of filing a weekly article, and never once has he missed a deadline, or been paid) had a heart attack on Monday evening. He was working on book No94. Or was it book No95..?

He is now recovering in a south coast hospital. How do we know? Because he sent a message this morning from his hospital bed, via his iDevice, including his copy for this week’s column… Such a trooper.

The column will go online as usual tomorrow.

In the meantime, please post your get-well-soon messages for Norman in the comments section below (it really is very easy – registering is necessary to prevent spam from Russian peddlers of Viagra, and only takes a few seconds). Somehow, you know he’ll find a way to read them all.

3 thoughts on “Norman Giller is unwell

  1. Good morning, Norman. Very best wishes from me and, I’m sure, all your old and not-so-old mates. We can’t wait for the next round of lousy jokes, like the one about battered fish. Come on, you Spurs. Tom Clarke

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