No such thing as free broadband?

Can there be any sports journalist out there who has not had broadband installed at home (with the exception, we admit, of former Chairman David Hunn)?

There has been a blizzard of apparently money-saving offers from various telephone and television suppliers. But which offer is best for you?

An article by Anthony Lilley might help to clarify the position for you:

Do you know exactly how much your quarterly electricity bill comes to? I certainly don’t. What about the price of your broadband connection? Thought so. Bet you don’t even know what the bandwidth is…

There’s a pretty strong argument that broadband is becoming one of the necessities of life. It’s rapidly turning into a commodity. How do I know this? Well, not only has it been getting cheaper for a while, but broadband must be a commodity if big name companies can afford to give it away with something else.

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