London flat share sought urgently

Karen Myers writes: The son of one of my dance colleagues, Karine, is looking for a one-year flat share in London. His parents will be paying the rent.

His name is Loic Tanze, 17 years old, got his BAC this year. He wants a job also but is happy to look for this on his own. He has been to London every year regularly for some years.

The reason for such a long visit is to improve his English. He actually wants to be a sports journalist and has worked already for the internet site l’actu foot and for a radio station here in France.

His mother is happy to provide guarantees, rent in advance etc. Her English is not so brilliant but if her son is around it is not a problem. Her phone is +336 6081 4317.

Alternatively our dance teacher (and friend) Natalie speaks excellent English and is willing to help liaise – her number is +336 3436 5305.

Or you can email Karen Myers at

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